Established Auto Pilot Blogs for Sale

Established Auto Pilot Blogs for Sale Benefits:

This is interesting if you want to purchase an established autoblog that requires you only to add in your affiliate IDs.

This product is useful because it’s fully turnkey – all you do is add in your affiliate IDs.  No coding required.


1. An Established Complete Autopilot Blog that will bring in monthly passive income.
2. Niche and Keyword Research reports – The tedious, but crucial part of Autopilot blogging. (USD 47 Value)
3. It will have an exact Keyword Match domain name (.com or .net) (USD 10 Value)
4. FREE Web hosting for 1 full year (USD 72 Value)
5. Complete Autopilot Blog Set-up (You don’t have to do anything). It automatically updates every 12-24 hours.
6. Uses only proven autoblogging methods. (Only tested successful methods) (USD 47 Value)
7. The software that *does* the autoblogging ( USD 169 Value)
8. Incorporates Premium WordPress theme (Best theme that allows you to customize everything)
9. The Top Spinner Integration (to produce unique content automatically) (USD 77 Value)
10. Traffic Software to increase traffic (USD 97 value)
11. FREE SEO Service:

a) Monthly promotion using Angela and Paul Backlinks (USD 27 Value)

b) Link Pyramid with 300 High PR Links and 4000 profile links (USD 37 Value)

c) Link wheel with 6 Web 2.0 properties and 3000 profile links (USD 37 Value)

d) 100 .edu Backlinks (USD 97 Value)

e) 30000 backlinks from Statistic Sites (USD 27 Value)

f) Article Marketing (USD 27 Value)

g) Blog Commenting (USD 27 Value)

h) Social Bookmarking (USD 27 Value)

i) Facebook Fanpage with at least 200 likes (USD 47 Value)

12. Monetizing with Adsense, Clickbank, Amazon and CPA etc.

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Fast Search Engine Rankings

Fast Search Engine Rankings Benefits

This goodie is literally a no-brainer!  It takes all of your pingbacks to your site and sends ’em out to be indexed in various search engines.

This product is useful because it increases the listsings of the other sites that refer to your site (ie, builds up your backlinks).

I bought it meself this morning and blogged about it over at I just bought this for all my sites for 2012 and you should too!

ie, Pingback Optimizer:


  • 1. gathers all the pingback URL’s (links from other WP blogs)
  • 2. turns them into an RSS Feed
  • 3. submits them to 29 RSS Directories

All on autopilot… The end result is the spiders come running to the RSS Feed and then branch off to the URL’s in the feed, effectively indexing them.

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Massive Custom Graphics Creation Service by Top Designer

Massive PLR Graphics Creation Service by Top Designer Benefits

Month by month service where you can get 4 or 7 or unlimited projects designed *for* you by a top graphics designer.

This product is useful because you get top-quality marketing images to help you sell *your* products and their PSD files for literally pennies on the dollar.  See below:

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Facebook Fanpage MiniSite Mega Pack

Facebook Fanpage MiniSite Mega Pack

Quite frankly, it’s freakin’ huge.  You really have to click on Honorable Samurai below to see for yourself.

This product is useful because it gives you the psd files for bunches of marketing tools (ebooks, membership cards, DVD covers, etc) so you can customize your own Facebook Fanpage for yourself or your clients..

Includes bunches of Facebook Fanpage Minisite Templates and WordPress themes so you can instantly create awesome direct response minisites for:

  • Sales letters
  • Optin Pages
  • Video Squeeze Pages
  • CPA Landing Pages
  • More

Seriously, click below and check them out.  The price is insanely low as well.

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Automatically Turn WordPress Spam Comments Into Site Owner Clickbank Links

WordPress Comment Cash Benefits:

This is actually pretty neat – it automatically changes all the spammed comment links into the site owner’s clickbank links.

This product is useful because it lets you change all spammers links to your own Clickbank links, based upon keywords you choose.  Thus, spammers links now monetize *you*.

ie, it:

  • 1) Targeted clickbank products: Based on the keywords in the spam comment, it pulls targeted clickbank products and links the keyword with YOUR affiliate id
  • 2) Replaces spammers URLs with your clickbank link
  • 3) Removes any URL posted in the comments section if required
  • 4) Deletes comment based on comment language: Simply, specify a few common keywords that most spammers use and it will delete the comment automatically.
  • 5) Beats powerful software: The main purpose of some wordpress commenting software is to post “comments” so that users can get backlinks. However, WPcommetcash converts the “backlink” of the spammer to your clickbank affiliate link.
  • 6) Set and Forget: Once you have installed the plugin, just forget about it, it will work on all spam comments 24*7, making you money
  • 7) Works 100% with autoblogs: The more blogs you have, the more spam you will receive, but with CommentCash you make the spammers work for you.
  • 8) Install in unlimited blogs: yup, your license give you power to use the plugin in every blog that you own. Small price for amazing plugin!

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5 Minute Mobile Profits

5 Minute Mobile Benefits:

Teaches you how to make mobile sites (ie, sites people visit on their phone) for local businesses/etc.  Excellent for:

  • offline marketing
  • direct marketing
  • mobile marketing
  • local marketing
  • etc..

Priced insanely cheap ($5).

This product is useful because it shows you an easily-duplicated method to make quick mobile sites people can access on their smart phones for targeted local business marketing.

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Twitter Google Buster

Twitter Google Buster Benefits:

Teaches you surprisingly simple ways to get your Twitter pages to rank high in Google SERPs (ie, page 1).  Written by *the* master of SEO, highly recommended, super-easy to follow.

This product is useful because it walks you through how to get your Twitter pages high up in search engine results.  People find your twitter pages and then click over to you.

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Unclaimed Fanpage Goldmine

Unclaimed Fanpage Goldmine Benefits:

Shows you how to find local businesses that have not yet claimed their own Facebook Fanpage, enabling you to alert them and offer to create a Facebook Fanpage for them.

This product is useful because it shows you how to uncover local businesses that don’t yet have a quality Facebook Fanpage to bring in customers.

Includes Direct Sales letters, Postcard designs, 4 Step-by-step videos, more.

It’s an excellent way to get local businesses’ attention about how they can get more business via online marketing, Facebook, social media and more.

You can customize all of the professional products/templates above.

To quote:

I was given a copy of this WSO to review and didn’t really understand how it all worked. What I did understand is the potential behind finding hot leads. I’m kind of an impatient person when it comes to wanting to see some results. I didn’t used to be but thats a whole different story.

So for me I found a local business who had a unclaimed listing. I went into that business on Wed 24th and this is how the conversation went: I asked the gatekeeper/girl at the desk. “Who does your marketing?” She said “I have no idea and I said so you don’t have anyone?” The manager or other gatekeeper said “we don’t have anyone doing marketing for us”. I asked “when will the owner be in”? she said “tomorrow at noon”. I asked her “can you call him real quick”.

So she did and I talked to him on the phone and I asked about his marketing and he said no one. I told him “you have people looking for your business right now and they are promoting it for you but it’s not doing you any good because you are not helping the people they are promoting it too”. I said “you have a unclaimed page on FB and if someone else claims it they can damage your business”….

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Massive PLR Sellout Sale (80 cents a product – Woot!)

Massive PLR Sellout Sale Benefits:

Gives you:

  • 10 Product Ecover Graphics To Start Creating Your Own UNIQUE Ecovers
  • ***** WordPress Themes *****
  • ***** Site Templates *****
  • ***** PLR PACKS ***** (With Resell License)
  • ***** Ebooks ***** (With PLR License)
  • ***** WordPress Plugins *****
  • MORE!

You can customize all of the professional products/templates above.

This product is useful because it gives you great PLR products you can use to build your own business…dirt-cheap.

To quote:


I’m making a huge change of direction with my IM strategy. I’ve burnt myself out slaving over my computer creating themes and graphics. I’m about to try something very different!

So I’ve decided to offload all my previous work … 25 of my professional, highest standard products, many of which sold here on WF individually for MORE than I’m charging for all 25 items. That’s WordPress themes, ebooks, high quality web templates, advertising graphics and more … I know … this offer proves what my family already know … I’m fricken crazy!

So no more sales pitch (because I’m seriously bad at it!). I’ll let the products speak for themselves …

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Warrior Forum Sortable WSO List

Warrior Forum Sortable WSO List Benefits:

Lets you sort through over 20,000 WSOs in by thread title, thread starter and more.

This product is useful because it lets you uncover hidden gems that have long since been buried but are still quite relevant today.

It makes it easier to zoom in on specific marketing topics.

You can also sort by view, meaning really great WSOs that are still valid from the past will now be at your fingertips.



If you’ve reached this page, you’ve most likely clicked on a Warrior Special Offer that turned out to be bogus, a scam, something more icky than 45 pounds of toenail fungus in your nostril, etc.etc.etc.

Always always ALWAYS make sure to do your due diligence when it comes to buying anything online.

I’ve been marketing online now since 1997 – you might find my site an enjoyable read.




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