Automatically Turn WordPress Spam Comments Into Site Owner Clickbank Links

WordPress Comment Cash Benefits:

This is actually pretty neat – it automatically changes all the spammed comment links into the site owner’s clickbank links.

This product is useful because it lets you change all spammers links to your own Clickbank links, based upon keywords you choose.  Thus, spammers links now monetize *you*.

ie, it:

  • 1) Targeted clickbank products: Based on the keywords in the spam comment, it pulls targeted clickbank products and links the keyword with YOUR affiliate id
  • 2) Replaces spammers URLs with your clickbank link
  • 3) Removes any URL posted in the comments section if required
  • 4) Deletes comment based on comment language: Simply, specify a few common keywords that most spammers use and it will delete the comment automatically.
  • 5) Beats powerful software: The main purpose of some wordpress commenting software is to post “comments” so that users can get backlinks. However, WPcommetcash converts the “backlink” of the spammer to your clickbank affiliate link.
  • 6) Set and Forget: Once you have installed the plugin, just forget about it, it will work on all spam comments 24*7, making you money
  • 7) Works 100% with autoblogs: The more blogs you have, the more spam you will receive, but with CommentCash you make the spammers work for you.
  • 8) Install in unlimited blogs: yup, your license give you power to use the plugin in every blog that you own. Small price for amazing plugin!

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