Fast Search Engine Rankings

Fast Search Engine Rankings Benefits

This goodie is literally a no-brainer!  It takes all of your pingbacks to your site and sends ’em out to be indexed in various search engines.

This product is useful because it increases the listsings of the other sites that refer to your site (ie, builds up your backlinks).

I bought it meself this morning and blogged about it over at I just bought this for all my sites for 2012 and you should too!

ie, Pingback Optimizer:


  • 1. gathers all the pingback URL’s (links from other WP blogs)
  • 2. turns them into an RSS Feed
  • 3. submits them to 29 RSS Directories

All on autopilot… The end result is the spiders come running to the RSS Feed and then branch off to the URL’s in the feed, effectively indexing them.

Click on Honorable Samurai below to learn more!

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