Unclaimed Fanpage Goldmine

Unclaimed Fanpage Goldmine Benefits:

Shows you how to find local businesses that have not yet claimed their own Facebook Fanpage, enabling you to alert them and offer to create a Facebook Fanpage for them.

This product is useful because it shows you how to uncover local businesses that don’t yet have a quality Facebook Fanpage to bring in customers.

Includes Direct Sales letters, Postcard designs, 4 Step-by-step videos, more.

It’s an excellent way to get local businesses’ attention about how they can get more business via online marketing, Facebook, social media and more.

You can customize all of the professional products/templates above.

To quote:

I was given a copy of this WSO to review and didn’t really understand how it all worked. What I did understand is the potential behind finding hot leads. I’m kind of an impatient person when it comes to wanting to see some results. I didn’t used to be but thats a whole different story.

So for me I found a local business who had a unclaimed listing. I went into that business on Wed 24th and this is how the conversation went: I asked the gatekeeper/girl at the desk. “Who does your marketing?” She said “I have no idea and I said so you don’t have anyone?” The manager or other gatekeeper said “we don’t have anyone doing marketing for us”. I asked “when will the owner be in”? she said “tomorrow at noon”. I asked her “can you call him real quick”.

So she did and I talked to him on the phone and I asked about his marketing and he said no one. I told him “you have people looking for your business right now and they are promoting it for you but it’s not doing you any good because you are not helping the people they are promoting it too”. I said “you have a unclaimed page on FB and if someone else claims it they can damage your business”….

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