Offline Marketers Graphics Package Deal

Offline Marketers Graphics Package Deal Benefits

Gives you the ability to create for your offline clients:

  • eCovers
  • Banners
  • WordPress themes
  • Amazon Kindle Book Covers
  • Facebook Fan Pages
  • Twitter Customization
  • Youtube Customization


The graphics designer does it all for you and you take the credit.

This service helps you by letting you get topnotch marketing graphics without having to create them yourself.

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Google Fiverr Blueprint

Google Fiverr Blueprint Benefits

Gives you a quick and fluff-free 29 page report with 6 comprehensive video modules.  How to find customers with bad listings and rankings via Google Places and how to position yourself as a offline consultant, and then outsource the work for peanuts

This product helps you by giving you the middleman approach to fixing up businesses for a great fee.

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Local Cash Client Magnet Via Facebook

Local Cash Client Magnet Via Facebook

Copy/paste templates to help you score offline clients via Facebook and enjoy reoccurring client payments.

Includes sheer awesomeness:

  • 9 Hand-Holding Walk-through Video’s – Let me take you through every step of the way to book your first client in a week.
  • High Converting Lead-Generation Facebook Fanpage Template – Stop cold calling and let this simple fanpage design build your client on auto-pilot
  • HTML Lead-Gen Template – Use the raw HTML version of the templates for your blogs and websites to turn your sites traffic into paying clients.
  • Full Auto-Responder Sequence – Make your phone ring off the hook with set and forget sales emails…
  • Inbound And Outbound Sales Call Script – Follow the same script I use to the letter and all those calls you will be getting will turn into cold hard cash by the time you hang up.
  • Full Client Presentation Package With Services And Pricing – Fill in the blanks on this presentation template with your clients name and close them on $2,000+ services.
  • Professional Client Brochure Templates – Leave your clients with a professional appearance by giving them a breakdown of the services you offer… And something they can give to referrals
  • Legal Work Agreement – Use my work agreement make sure the client knows exactly what you are offering, how much they have to pay, and take care of all legal liability.
  • Full Private Label Rights (PLR) To The 10/20 Report – Give away the book I sell on Amazon for $12 to help build your list… Or sell it yourself to online customers.

This product helps you by showing you how to make money with offline clients via Facebook.

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Ready Made Offline Marketing Videos

Ready Made Offline Marketing Videos Benefits

Gives you 5 already-done videos you can use to show potential clients the benefits of offline marketing.

Topics are:

Video 1: Social Marketing Facebook and twitter
Video 2: Local Biz Listings maintaining Yelp and other review sites (reputation management stuff)
Video 3: Mobile websites and their importance
Video 4: SEO for business owners
Video 5: SMS marketing and how it’s relevant

This product helps you by giving you marketing videos you can use to convince offline clients your ideas rock.

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Create Local Niche Business Directories in WordPress

WPLocal Benefits

WordPress plugin that lets you add Google Maps, Directions, Coupons, more to upsell your offline services.

This product helps you by letting you create a local business directory where companies can submit their business details for free – you can then followup with your own marketing.

To wit:

“….Then you find companies that you HAVE NOT added…and you contact them…

I usually send them an email along these lines:

Hi there, We run a local [niche] directory and noticed that your business details were not listed. If you have 5 minutes spare please visit and submit your details? It’s totally free and will give you more EXPOSURE FOR YOUR BUSINESS. We’ll add your company as soon as possible.

Kind Regards, Your Name.

What will happen is they will head over to your local directory, see that most of their competition is listed on it and add their companies details…these guys don’t like missing out…

The real key to making this work is making sure that on your local directory you have links to some free information about various subjects that most of these companies are not aware of…”

Good stuff!

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Video Marketing Credibility Package (done for you)

Video Marketing Credibility Package Benefits

Complete materials to present yourself as a video marketer for businesses.  Includes:

  • Print Book with PLR
  • Lead Generation Website
  • Pre-written autoresponder emails
  • Professional Pre-sales video

This product helps you by giving you the tools you need to convince your local businesses/offline businesses/etc. clients that you can build their business via video marketing.

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Social Media Consultant Package

Social Media Consultant Package Benefits

It’s based in the reality of working with local businesses. For example, if you want to really develop a good and trusting relationship with a business owner, you need to be helping them put together a facebook policy. The author has helped several clients put together written policies that they enacted in their company that outlined exactly what their employees could and couldn’t do online as employees (such as badmouth their boss on their personal facebook account).

Business owners love this stuff, it helps them really see and understand why they need to pay you a monthly fee to keep you around. It makes you the trusted expert

This product helps you by showing you how to be a social media consultant.

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Easy Pro Facebook Fans Pages

Easy Pro Facebook Fans Pages Benefits

Gives you a large gallery of Free Facebook Templates to create cool Facebook Fan pages.  It’s basically a Fan Page Design Business in a box, can set monthly membership options too.

This product helps you by giving you an  easy way to make Facebook Fan pages for offline/local/etc customers.  You can rebrand it too and charge that monthly fee for your customers.

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FourSquare Goldmine

FourSquare Goldmine

Shows you how to find offline clients via FourSquare and build up your offline consulting business.  6 pdf reports, marketing templates,

This product helps you by giving you shortcuts to maximizing FourSquare for more offline client goodness.

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LinkedIn Confidential

LinkedIn Confidential Benefits:

Teaches you how to maximize LinkedIn to bypass gatekeepers and get new clients.  It consists of 2+hours of paid recorded training that teaches you:

  • Profile Optimization
  • Connection Selection
  • Group Manipulation Methods
  • Referral Methods
  • More!

This product benefits you by giving you a comprehensive methodology of using LinkedIn to build your client base.

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Expert Video Promoter Cloner

Expert Video Promoter Cloner Benefits

A complete video marketing solution to assist you in gaining offline customers.


  • Gatekeeper bypassing scripts
  • Video to close your prospects
  • Phone presentations/scripts
  • Flyers
  • Script closers
  • Webinar

This product is useful because it shows you how to build a referral service and gives you a way to use video to help close your offline prospects.

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The 48 Hour Client Benefits

Gives you the copy/paste soft-pitch email you can send to potential clients you find on and a step-by-step report on how you can find targeted future clients who are already on

This product is useful because it gives you a way to increase your offline marketing for either local business (local Meetups) or not (via Skype and the like) .

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Offline Marketing Made Simple

Offline Marketing Made Simple Benefits

By the creator of Social Frogs, this product focuses on building and selling awesome facebook fanpages for businesses (and outsourcing if necessary).

This product is useful because it shows you how to sell quality Facebook Fan Pages to local businesses for offline marketing even if you don’t do design work yourself. 

To quote:

…This is a course on building an offline marketing business.

The fanpage is just an example to show you the quality of the work you can be offering to your prospects within minutes of finishing reading this WSO.

On top of everything else included in the WSO, I reveal HOW I manage to sell these types of fanpages to businesses without knowing the technical side of it (coding).

I teach you HOW to outsource, and WHERE to find outsourcers. Now here comes the magic, ANYONE can outsource a fanpage like this to a dude in india, BUT he is still going to charge you over $500 just to code it all from scratch.. & not only that but the return time is probably going to be over two weeks. Therefore your profit margin isn’t really going to be all that..
(They aren’t your average HTML marketer fanpages)


  • Personal direct mailing/email texts
  • 5 Text Modules
    1. Intro to Offline Success
    2. Outsourcing like a Champ
    3. Selling your Services
    4. Processing Payments
    5. Resources
  • 2 Video Modules
  • Quick Income Start-up Guide (so you can start making money asap)
  • A Business WordPress Theme (This alone can be sold for $9 lol)

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Unclaimed Fanpage Goldmine

Unclaimed Fanpage Goldmine Benefits:

Shows you how to find local businesses that have not yet claimed their own Facebook Fanpage, enabling you to alert them and offer to create a Facebook Fanpage for them.

This product is useful because it shows you how to uncover local businesses that don’t yet have a quality Facebook Fanpage to bring in customers.

Includes Direct Sales letters, Postcard designs, 4 Step-by-step videos, more.

It’s an excellent way to get local businesses’ attention about how they can get more business via online marketing, Facebook, social media and more.

You can customize all of the professional products/templates above.

To quote:

I was given a copy of this WSO to review and didn’t really understand how it all worked. What I did understand is the potential behind finding hot leads. I’m kind of an impatient person when it comes to wanting to see some results. I didn’t used to be but thats a whole different story.

So for me I found a local business who had a unclaimed listing. I went into that business on Wed 24th and this is how the conversation went: I asked the gatekeeper/girl at the desk. “Who does your marketing?” She said “I have no idea and I said so you don’t have anyone?” The manager or other gatekeeper said “we don’t have anyone doing marketing for us”. I asked “when will the owner be in”? she said “tomorrow at noon”. I asked her “can you call him real quick”.

So she did and I talked to him on the phone and I asked about his marketing and he said no one. I told him “you have people looking for your business right now and they are promoting it for you but it’s not doing you any good because you are not helping the people they are promoting it too”. I said “you have a unclaimed page on FB and if someone else claims it they can damage your business”….

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