Offline Marketing Made Simple

Offline Marketing Made Simple Benefits

By the creator of Social Frogs, this product focuses on building and selling awesome facebook fanpages for businesses (and outsourcing if necessary).

This product is useful because it shows you how to sell quality Facebook Fan Pages to local businesses for offline marketing even if you don’t do design work yourself. 

To quote:

…This is a course on building an offline marketing business.

The fanpage is just an example to show you the quality of the work you can be offering to your prospects within minutes of finishing reading this WSO.

On top of everything else included in the WSO, I reveal HOW I manage to sell these types of fanpages to businesses without knowing the technical side of it (coding).

I teach you HOW to outsource, and WHERE to find outsourcers. Now here comes the magic, ANYONE can outsource a fanpage like this to a dude in india, BUT he is still going to charge you over $500 just to code it all from scratch.. & not only that but the return time is probably going to be over two weeks. Therefore your profit margin isn’t really going to be all that..
(They aren’t your average HTML marketer fanpages)


  • Personal direct mailing/email texts
  • 5 Text Modules
    1. Intro to Offline Success
    2. Outsourcing like a Champ
    3. Selling your Services
    4. Processing Payments
    5. Resources
  • 2 Video Modules
  • Quick Income Start-up Guide (so you can start making money asap)
  • A Business WordPress Theme (This alone can be sold for $9 lol)

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