SMS Magi Offline Lead Generation

SMS Magi Benefits

This is an easy to use, powerful web-based software that you can use to help local businesses find out exactly who is looking at their ads, whether it’s car dealerships, real estate agents, restaurants or any other business that sells a product or service (which is just about any!).


Someone picks up an auto magazine to look for a new car on their way out of the grocery store. They see an ad that says “text the VIN# of any vehicle to take an instant virtual test drive. The person does so, and gets a link back to watch a youtube video of the vehicle that they’re interested in. At the same time, the car dealer is being notified of the person’s cell phone number and the VIN# for the vehicle they were looking at via:

1. Text Message
2. An Email
3. A Phone Call


This product helps you by giving you a powerful tool you can sell to your offline clients.

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