SMS Server/Client Kit

SMS Server/Client Kit Benefits:

Package/plugins that let you sell customers SMS advertising capabilities.

  • Each time your clients want to send a message, the send a request to your SMS Lord installation
  • If approved, the message goes through. (all done automatically!)
  • If the client has been “naughty” (e.g. they haven’t paid) you simply disable their service.

This product helps you by letting you manage a full suite of SMS offerings to your clients.  ie,

  • On your site you install SMS Lord plugin – with full privillages.
  • On your client’s site your install SMS Butler – limiting your client’s privilleges.
  • That way, if the client doesn’t pay up, you can disable him/her.
  • With OpenVBX they know where you are buying your SMS credits from so it’s harder to charge a lot of money.
  • With this system, they think YOU are the SMS company.

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