Part 2.) [ SEO & Press Releases] Proof of how press releases help SEO (not what you’d think) because:

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Quick! Look at:

and see where I rank. Chances are, it’s
MarketWatch’s pickup of my yesterday’s
press release.

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Have you ever wondered what the *real*
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Over the past 2 months or so, I’ve spent 5K
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release services like Businesswire, PRnewswire, PRweb,
Global Newswire, PR Underground and more.

In a nutshell….WOW. What I learned.

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* The LowDown About Press Releases – their REAL value that will increase your business profits

* Social vs. Regular Distribution vs. Financial Distributions – why some releases end up on the Wall Street Journal and others tank

* The Press Release Walk Through – I’ll walk you through you *exactly* how PRWeb and other Wire Distributions operate so all of your questions will be answered BEFORE you test the waters

* The Press Release 1-2 Punch – SEO Benefits post Google Slap

* The BEST Type of Press Release Now To Create – Get this down right and the media pickup on your press release gets turbo-charged!

* The Myth of PR and Journalists – Contrary to popular belief, journalists generally do NOT follow up on press releases. I’ll reveal to you the *real* secret to getting media coverage.


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