==> Massive snow, the May Marketing Convention you should consider, Hacked Skype, FB, Jedi Betty, more!

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| oOo ==> Mario Brown Online Marketing Mastery May 2013
| http://awpt.co/BHHZb?e=
| WHY: 4 Day Power Intensive Marketing conference with
| Frank Kern/Mike Filsaime as keynote speakers too.
| I wouldn’t miss it! Below read why!


It’s Saturday evenin’ and it’s snowing here in NJ.
WAH! Worse, however, is that Honorable Daughter 1
has a band concert in PA tonight…I’m in hopes it
gets canceled. Not that I don’t mind picking her
up at 12am, but yep…. I don’t like driving in the
snow. Will keep you posted!

In other news, a good friend of mine’s Skype
account got hacked. ๐Ÿ™ Thoroughly icky stuff it
was – you can get tips for preventing that over at



Scary stuff indeed. Do be safe!!

In other news, I think I’m in classic
crash and burn sequence…sooo very very
tired. Really looking forward to resting

Got lots of stuff to share but first:

Always be yourself EXCEPT WHEN:


And onto today!

Sometimes….images are burned within your
mind that you’ll never forget.

Such was my experience back in August of 2012
(before my ankle fell off!) when I sat in the Earn
1KaDay audience, and watched Mario Brown
give his talk.

The first thing he did was pantomime being
slapped across the face as he started to explain
his childhood experiences.

Riveting, that was…utterly *riveting*.

See, Mario is slightly taller than me (I’m 5’3.5, and
he’s about 17 feet tall). Or at least he seems that
way (here, you can see a picture of us over at


Yep, I know, we’re very close in height. Anywhos!

Seeing him slap himself and then roll to the ground….

Like I said, *riveting* ==> see the screenshot at

Now, Mario is one of the most interesting success
stories around – he came to this country not speaking
the language well whatsoever….5 years ago.

Only 5 years!

But here’s what REALLY stood out to me – Mario
talked about picking a niche and dominating it.
Right after that talk, I fired up my laptop and bought
the domainname it inspired….and on the plane ride
home, did something truly, well, career-changing for me.

I’ll tell you more about that in Chapter 2, but
did want to alert you to Mario’s May 2013 Event:

==> Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime Keynotes

| http://awpt.co/BHHZb?e=

I wrote about it too over at

Online Marketing Mastery Event by Mario Brown, May 2nd to 5th 2013, Will I See YOU there?

Online Marketing Mastery Event by Mario Brown – May 2nd to 5th 2013, Will I See YOU there?

You can see the video too!

Next, have you heard how social proof drives bunches
of sales online?

For example, let’s say that you visit
an online site….doesn’t the written reviews have
an effect on whether you decide to buy or not?

It’s one of the powers of Social Media…people see
that their friends bought and recommended a product,
or follow a tweet about a product and BAM! More
and more people become intrigued to see….if they
should buy.

Amazon is one site that does this beautifully,
as does Epinions and other shopping sites!

Sure would be nice to add this review/social
proof ability easily to your sites, aye?

Well then!

This earlier crossed my desk and if you’re
selling ANYTHING from your sites online…
oooo you’ll want to read about it.


Because this goodie is a WP plugin that
lets your buyers use their

* FB
* Twitter
* Google+
* LinkedIn

to leave YOU reviews!

And get this – the reviews are also
SEOed! What I personally love about this is it integrates
the ‘rich snippets’ info that Google loves seeing….

If you’re not familiar with Rich Snippets,
I wrote about ’em at

FREE! The 4 Gloriously Simple Steps To Making Your Content Irresistible To Google: Part 1

And Rich snippets is just *1* thing the Social Review
Engine does for you.

| oOo ==> Social Review *Engine* ==> Social Proof!
| http://awpt.co/8RIRC?e=

Another bonus which you’ll love is the viral
component – not only can people send YOUR
products Amazon-styled reviews, BUT:

* You can give reviewers ‘rewards’

* You can build a buyers’ list FROM the reviewers

* You can *choose* which reviews go viral (reputation management,
done for you!)

* More!

So if you have ANYTHING you’re selling
online….this product not only makes it
superDeDuper simple to increase your
social proof, but it also increases your SEO
as well!

| oOo ==> Social Review *Engine* ==> Social Proof!
| http://askbling.com/socialre

What’s that?

You prefer FB?

Well then! Don Wilson just released his
FB Timeline Control thingee over at

==> FB Timeline!

This is a fantastic collection of 65
done-for-you Professional Timeline covers….ready
to be used at a moment’s notice.


Don’t forget this mornings:

Wanna know how to make bonuses?

I just wrote:

7 Sweet Ways to Encourage Huge Sales With Bonuses Via Affiliate eMail Marketing

7 Sweet Ways to Encourage Huge Sales With Bonuses Via Affiliate eMail Marketing

It shows you 7 ways
to easily make bonuses when you offer incentives
for people to buy thru your link (I also include
Amazon s3 tips too, yay!)

Moving along, did you see:

Replay is now up!

| oOo ==> How does monthly checks of $500-$1,000 sound?
| http://awpt.co/VX4tK?e=

What’s sooo cool about this particular
goodie is that….Dr. Ben Adkins
walks the walk he talks!

ie, not only has he *trained* his students to
create 6 figure businesses offline….he’s also
implemented exactly what he teaches for his
*own* offline business as well.


Here’s what you’ll hear:

1) Find The Perfect Kinds of Clients For Social Media Marketing.

Some work better than others – you’ll learn exactly how to ferret
them out!

Once found, you’ll see how to:

2) Sell Them Social Media Management Services for $500-$1000+/month.

Recurring billing….how, well, *sweet*!
| oOo ==> Would you believe, you’ll ALSO learn how to outsource too!
| http://awpt.co/VX4tK?e=

And FB! Dennis just made available this weekend:

==> FB Architect

I was sold by page 4. Truly stellar content
offered for FB marketing not ONLY within
FB, but ALSO via your site and more.
Great stuff!

Don’t forget yesterdays:

By now, everyone and their coffeecup
have probably emailed you about BonusPress
with good reason – it’s a stellar WP product
that lets you create utterly sleek and gorgeous
time-sensitive bonuses to entice your list to

Here’s the thing.

Once you buy…what bonuses *do* you offer?

Interestingly enough, a product was ALSO released
by a different vendor which is 140 products…
can you *believe* that? Get this:

* All Source Included

* Software

* eBooks

* Graphics (psds!)

* Videos

It’s from Jeremy Burns of Source Code Goldmine
and includes (hang on, long list!)

* 8Days
* 8Days OTO
* 8Days Source Files
* 8Days Website
* AdTrackerPro
* AdTrackerPro Website
* AdsenseCashMachine
* AdsenseCashMachine OTO
* AdsenseCashMachine Website
* AdsenseEmpire
* AdsenseEmpire Website
* AdsenseInbox
* AdsenseInbox OTO
* AdsenseInbox Website
* AffiliateDirector2
* AffiliateDirector2 OTO
* AffiliateDirector2 Source Files
* AffiliateDirector2 Website
* AffiliateMarketersToolkit Website
* AffiliateRecruitingSecrets OTO
* AffiliateRecruitingSecrets Website
* AffiliateSecrets
* AffiliateToolkit
* ArticleContentSpinner
* ArticleContentSpinner OTO
* ArticleContentSpinner Website
* ArticleMarketing
* ArticleMarketing OTO
* ArticleMarketing Website
* ArticleMembership
* ArticleMembership OTO
* ArticleMembership Source Files
* ArticleMembership Website
* ArticleSite
* ArticleSite Website
* ArticleSiteBuilder
* ArticleSiteBuilder Website
* ArticleSubmitter
* ArticleSubmitter OTO
* ArticleSubmitter Source Files
* ArticleSubmitter Website
* AtoZAboutRSS
* AtoZAboutRSS Website
* AttractionMarketing
* AttractionMarketing Download
* AttractionMarketing OTO
* AttractionMarketing Source Files
* AudioNicheAutomator OTO
* AudioNicheAutomator Source Files
* AudioNicheAutomator Website
* AuthoritySite
* AuthoritySite OTO
* AuthoritySite Source Files
* AuthoritySite Website
* AutoBlogFeeder
* AutoBlogFeeder OTO
* AutoBlogFeeder Website
* AutomatedTrafficBot
* AutomatedTrafficBot Download
* AutomatedTrafficBot OTO
* AutomatedTrafficBot Source Files

And that’s ONLY the As!
| Step 1.) ==> WP Bonus Press
| http://awpt.co/ycrJk?e=
| Step 2.) ==> 140+ WITH full Editable Source!
| http://awpt.co/ZBgEt?e=

I think you’ll be amazed by the quality
you get.

And did you see this Dog Training PLR goodie:

Product: Includes done-for-you reviews AND…
| http://awpt.co/a9Zv4?e=

Niche: Evergreen Affiliate Dog Training II, Clickbank
Why you want to buy it:

Because of the done-for-you-ness – it gives you over:

* 85 PLR Dog Training Related articles

* 3 PLR ebooks for Dog Training

* 20 High Quality Dog Training Reviews you can insert your CB affiliate link into

* 15 Niche-specific Graphics

BONUS ==> Good Dog Behavior Newsletter!

A newsletter on dog training
you can use for your own followups!


20 Product Reviews

15 High Quality Website Graphics (5 per sub-niche)

and Tons Of Bonuses including 3 PLR eBooks!

==> Product: Clickbank Dog Training II Niche Treasure Trove Bonanza
| http://awpt.co/a9Zv4?e=

Unique hook: SUPER HOT NICHE

The product research has already
been done for you; the PLR and ebooks you can
use for your own optins, list building, bonuses,
sell on your site/etc. … AND the OTO includes
grand video reviews too!!


In other news, I pulled together a nice resource
piece about

Finding Perfect Client for Social Marketing, 55 Social Media Infographics, more!

Social Offline System – Finding Perfect Clients for Social Marketing, 55 Social Media Infographics, more!

Not only will you get the info about Dr. Ben Adkins’
1pm EST zero cost webinar about Offline Social goodness,
but you’ll also see:

55 Interesting Social Media Infographics
100 Must Know Social Media Tidbits
Women of Social Media
A Printable Guide to Social Media

Good stuff indeed!

Got lots to share but first…

The Dark Knight Rices. Don’t Egg Him On!


What’s that? You want social?

Well then!

The Power Of Referrals and Reputation Management!

| oOo ==> Viral Social Review *Engine* ==> Social Proof!
| http://awpt.co/8RIRC?e=

Have you *Ever* been influenced to buy
online because of what other people said?
And have you ever noticed….sometimes
bad reviews disappear online?

Want to get that social proof power in
YOUR site?

This goodie is a WP plugin that lets customers submit

reviews to you via:

* FB
* Twitter
* Google+
* LinkedIn

What I personally love about this is it integrates
the ‘rich snippets’ info that Google loves seeing….

If you’re not familiar with Rich Snippets,
I wrote about ’em at

FREE! The 4 Gloriously Simple Steps To Making Your Content Irresistible To Google: Part 1

And Rich snippets is just *1* thing the Social Review
Engine does for you.

| oOo ==> Social Review *Engine* ==> Social Proof!
| http://awpt.co/8RIRC?e=

That about covers it for this moment’…woot!
Hope your day went peachy…and I’ll be certain
to check in with you bright and early tomorrow

with whatever wootness crosses me desk!

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Fun!


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