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Editor’s Note – how would you like to increase
your affiliate commissions online to brand new
levels….by giving your sites the power of
Social Proof reviews? Read on…. — Barbara Ling


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| WHY: VERY cool – automatically gives Google what it WANTS

| to see about affiliate sites online, ie, customer reviews, Rich Snippets,

| GooglePlus integration, more (ie, your pages become Google-optimized)




Have you heard how social proof drives bunches
of sales online? For example, let’s say that you visit
an online site….doesn’t the written reviews have
an effect on whether you decide to buy or not?

It’s one of the powers of Social Media…people see
that their friends bought and recommended a product,
or follow a tweet about a product and BAM! More
and more people become intrigued to see….if they
should buy.

Amazon is one site that does this beautifully,
as does Epinions and other shopping sites!

Sure would be nice to add this review/social
proof ability easily to your sites, aye?

Well then!

This earlier crossed my desk and if you’re
selling ANYTHING from your sites online…
oooo you’ll want to read about it.


Because this goodie is a WP plugin that
lets your buyers use their

* FB
* Twitter
* Google+
* LinkedIn

to leave YOU reviews!

And get this – the reviews are also
SEOed! What I personally love about this is it integrates
the ‘rich snippets’ info that Google loves seeing….

If you’re not familiar with Rich Snippets,
I wrote about ’em at

FREE! The 4 Gloriously Simple Steps To Making Your Content Irresistible To Google: Part 1

And Rich snippets is just *1* thing the Social Review
Engine does for you.

| oOo ==> Social Review *Engine* ==> Social Proof!
| http://awpt.co/LGBkO?e=

Another bonus which you’ll love is the viral
component – not only can people send YOUR
products Amazon-styled reviews, BUT:

* You can give reviewers ‘rewards’

* You can build a buyers’ list FROM the reviewers

* You can *choose* which reviews go viral (reputation management,
done for you!)

* More!

So if you have ANYTHING you’re selling
online….this product not only makes it
superDeDuper simple to increase your
social proof, but it also increases your SEO
as well!

| oOo ==> Social Review *Engine* ==> Social Proof!
| http://askbling.com/socialre
And because this is a solo promo,
buy thru my link and immediately receive:

==> The Amazon Reviewer

How to build powerful Amazon review sites
as well!

Sounds good? I think so – the fact it makes
the Rich Snippets so easy makes this a
no-brainer to begin with, but the ability
to have reviews like Amazon does…added
to your site for social proof?

Grow strong,

Barbara 5 Stars Ling

I make marketing profitable!

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