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Hey there,

You might know that for the past 6 months,
I have been running our extremely profitable
free Facebook community over at
Perking Up Profits.

Yes, the group IS free…but also yes….
it helps me build my business beautifully.

Over the past 6 months, I’ve promoted
internal launches, external launches, affiliate
products, and I’ve even now moved into
paid premium Facebook group masterminds
as well.

And yes, there *is* most definitely a trick to it.
A trick that took me 6+ months to learn.

Want all of my blueprints that will showcase
to you *exactly* how you can duplicate my
success and bypass those 6 months entirely?

Here’s what you’ll learn:

The 7 Profitable Pillars of Facebook Group Growth including:

1.) Smart FB Group Creation – Open? Closed? Secret? I show you which one will be the best for *your* specific needs. You’ll be assured your group slants success in the very best direction! Next, you’ll learn about:

2.) Compelling FB Group Ignition – Once a group is created, it can spring to life or sputter and die. I’ll hand you the powerful yet simple topics and actions that encourage group interactions! The more people who interact…the more people who are drawn into the conversation. The more important your group becomes! Heck, wouldn’t it be great if visiting your group was part of your community members’s daily morning routine?

==> http://askbling.com/getfbgroups

We then move into:

3.) FB Group Anticipation Training – It’s the little things that count. Every day you want your group members to check in on what’s happening in your community! After internalizing this section, your group will have the advantage over 99% other FB groups out there….and become part of an enjoyable daily routine. Successful groups don’t end with routines however! Did you know you can implement our next pillar:

4.) Powerful Pattern Interruption Secrets – There’s a covertly powerful way to engage your community member’s emotions and *compel* them to want to contribute. At the end of this pillar, you’ll have at your fingertips over a dozen ways to spark discussion and interaction you can direct to whatever goal you want to achieve.Profitable communities, however, are not only about *you*. They’re about the community members too! That leads us to:

5.) Rapid Recognitions – Back in 1999, I started offering rewards for my community back then (the DEEMED TOPS! award in Internet Recruiting). I brought that concept back and into the Web 2.0 arena with the Perking Up Profits Golden Coffeecup Shining Achievement award that has been going on now for over 5 months! In this pillar, you’ll learn how to craft your own award that fits the wants of your community so they’ll share your award with their network as well.

==> http://askbling.com/getfbgroups

Once you have all the groundwork laid in, I then take you by the hand and personally show you *the* heart of a profitable Facebook group:

6.) Traffic Generation and Group Growth – One of the biggest dangers a Facebook group has is people losing interest. You constantly want an influx of new people joining and interacting! In this pillar, you’ll learn the key simple steps you can put to use today to keep a never-ending supply of group members requesting permission to join.And once your group is robust and energetic, it’s time to tie everything together and make money via:

7.) Easy Monetization Blueprints – proven techniques for you to profit from your free Facebook group in ways you probably never considered before (but I’ve been successfully implementing now for over 6 months!).

==> 3 Powerful Bonuses Add, *including* the 3 week Authority Commander Social Forces Mastermind!

==> http://askbling.com/getfbgroups

Make no mistake about it – it took a lot of
trial and error but now, it’s a very healthy,
friendly, supportive community indeed.

==> Yes it IS possible to monetize FB groups – I show you how!
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This is a system now that I have fine-tuned
over the past 6 months…. price is at the lowest
possible right now and will increase starting

Reserve your spot now,

Barbara Ling

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