ZERO Cost ==> The Art of Passive Profiting via Easy Fixed Term Membership (rebills!)

| oOo ==> How to create Rebills for Passive Income/Bonuses/MORE!
| ZERO cost

| WHY: Intriguing – I had heard about this a few months
| ago and utterly love the concept. Am adding the ideas to my
| own bonuses too….

This…is pretty neat.

I had heard about it a few months ago when
I was restructuring my business – basically,
it’s all about creating *fixed* term membership
sites (as after awhile, folks generally tend to
leave them anyways) to both:

* Deliver value/content and make people WANT
to stay fo r2-3 months

* Ensure a long-term flow of passive income as well.

I’m now working on including this model in my
offerings as well so yep!

‘Tis a good thing indeed.

Thus, if you’re up for building up a long-term passive
income online…

| oOo ==> All Laid Out For You!

Good stuff indeed.


Grow strong,

Barbara Love big lists! Ling

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