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It’s Tuesday evenin’ and my husband and I
almost died today. Not cool at all!

We had just finished visiting my mom and were
driving back on the Garden State Parkway. At
exit 129, we heard a and felt the minivan
shake….I thought we had blown a tire and luckily
did NOT skid out of control (massive rains/snow

We pulled over; the tires were fine, so we continued
to drive and then realized….

The power steering. ‘Twasn’t there!

Heck, steering in general! Nonoptimal in the extreme!

To make a long story short, apparently the rear axle,
well, *bent*/*distorted*/*smooshized* . Not fun
at all!

We did manage to hobble the moosemobile to
repair…and we’ll see how much it costs to fix.
But wow…just out of the blue…. *BAM*.

You never do forget that!

Got lots to share but first:

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Tain’t it all purty-like?

I will confess – I came up with the idea after
herding unicorns for some time (read – massive
painkillers over the weekend) but yep…tested
it out and OH WOW…STELLAR it is!!
And onto today!

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And did you see:

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You’ve probably heard about podcasting, and how
they’re available in iTunes, and how you can build up
a HUGE following from it…

Want the insiders secrets for how to profit from it?

If so:

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So if you’ve ever wanted to see just how

podcasting can benefit you….

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What’s that?

You want SEO goodies instead?

This….is really cool.

Would you like to have revealed to you:

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What would YOU do with this information???


Well then! Lookie here!

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Honestly, this is simply a:

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Or…PLR intrigues you?

Looking to start 2013 off the RIGHT way?

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As you probably know…2013 is the start to
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So if you’d like good PLR that comes with all the
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Don’t forget this mornings:

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And don’t forget yesterdays:

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And this is closing TONIGHT!

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Just…don’t miss it, okay?

And did you see:

CyberMonday is here and for your approval….lookie
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You know about GoogleNews, right?

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If so, look what this college kid has done:

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And yes, I know he’s a college kid because
he’s in my own Champions Rock mastermind…
and his product is really inspiring. Heck, if a
college kid could do it…..WOOT!
This is NOT about gaming or cheating

Google….not at all.

This is, however, about creating your
own news site (that you can monetize too!)
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Google News!

So if extreme exposure plus a hands on
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What’s that? Offline is what you crave?

Well then!

Ever want to truly stand out from other business
consultants? Well, what *if* (what if, mind you)
what IF…. you could PROVE you could double
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This is a quick, actionable 23 page PDF that takes
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I reviewed it myself and love the…. *smartness*
of it all.

So if you’d like actual offline proven methods that *work*:

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Not to mention:

This just crossed me desk and it’s a DOOZY!

Want to get REAL LIVE Business owner email

Well then, lookie here!!

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This is a gorgeously vivid and *simple* idea.
Basically, you tell the plugin what page to look at
(ie, a contact form). Plugin looks, fills out information
and then (here’s where the magicc happens):

1) Load up a list of URLs for businesses that have contact forms on them

2) Watch as the Plugin goes through and fills out all the forms right in front of your eyes!
(Some sites will require you to click their submit button and/or fill out their captcha…this is all handled easily from within the plugin.)
3) Log back into the plugin 24 hours later and click the Check Emails button. The plugin automatically logs into all the email accounts and fetches all the responses.

Is that cool or what?????

So if you’re looking for a sweet way to grab WORKING
offline email addresses:
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Don’t forget this mornings:

This is still on!

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Visit the site, and you’ll see…EVERYTHING
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That about covers it for this moment’…woot!
Hope your day goes peachy…and I’ll be certain

to check in with you bright and early tomorrow
with whatever wootness crosses me desk!

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Fun!


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