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Good morning!

It’s a brrrrrr 24 degrees outside my window here and what did I spy on Accuweather?
Major Snowstorm Targets 70 Million in Northeast
Wheeee! Or in my case, WAH!
And how was your 2013 eve? Did you recover? Did you have lots of yummy munchies or stay up past 2015 like I did (okay, 8pm)? If you ate and drank a weee bit too much, drink lots of water to flush out your system and try to get to the gym/work out a bit at home. Every little bit counts!
Over here in LingLand, the kids are still asleep and I’m getting ready to hit the gym with the husband. Then its more Bitcoin fun, templating and recurring product joy, plus considering when to raise the price of my:
2014 Paid Mastermind
Yep, yours truly focused so much on building her affiliate network/community that she kinda sorta neglected to do the Last Call for 2013 for her prelaunch price.
Sigh. And because these are closing today:
==> Digital Product Lab Mastermind
==> Product Drop Lifetime Goodness
==> MyNAMS Lifetime Membership
Yep…. got work that in soon!
And don’t forget – there are 89 days left until Something Besides April Fools Day. Are you marking your calendars yet?
Today I am NOT launching a product. If you are releasing a product, let us know! And while I specialize in Authority Marketing, I do NOT focus on SEO in San Diego. Greetings all San Diego SEO marketers, you shine!
Oh, and another fun fact about New Years Day – did you know that more cars are stolen on that day than any other?
And marketing wise, onto today!

Did you hear that Bluehost and Hostgator kinda
sorta died for many hours yesterday? And alas…
that meant that Dennis Becker’s stellar offer of

| oOo ==> Lifetime Access: 2014 Product Drop special *sale*
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was NOT accessible. 🙁 So I asked him this morning if
I could have a few more hours to let my peeps know about it –
if you want the best and most current WSOs and Internet
products for 2014 at one low lifetime price (with a 6
time payment option available too!), grab this NOW.
It’s going away soon!

| oOo ==> Software, WP plugins, videos, graphics…..ALL!

Next, this is closing tonight!

‘Tis a must-have
if you’re serious about doing 6 figure
launches and really taking your product
creation to the next level:

Get this. (Ben charges 10K/year for one on one coaching
– this is peanuts (and tax deductible too!)

| ==> Digital Product Lab 2014 Million Dollar Business Blueprint
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Use my coupon code drbenvip to knock off 1K!
Totally worth the value you’ll be receiving; this is
a fantastic gift for yourself if you’re into super-quality
product creation/6 figure launch mode.

And next, there’s a superYummy MyNAMS lifetime
discount at:

| ==> The savings are truly huge

If you’ve been looking for something wondrously
community oriented…. don’t let that one get away!


Paid mastermind! (application only!)

You can see some testimonials
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Thank you for being on my list – I will do my

best to keep you abreast of all the new developments
in the marketing world and will be sure to touch base with
you this afternoon with whatever
wootness crosses me desk.


Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
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