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Good morning!

It’s Sunday morning and
yep, still out with the family
and mooses and all and wow.

I’m tired.

Kids/husband/mooses having
a fabulous time, mind you….
but I would so not mind returning
back to normalcy today. Ah

Family first.

In other LingLand news, Yum was
the name of the day yesterday with
lots of Krispy Kreme donuts (yum!)
for the family. And trips to the
mall where my eldest got her
ears pierced (can you believe,
I’m 50 now and STILL don’t
have pierced ears) and yep.

Normal stuff. I wish.

Got lots to share but first:

7 Pinterest Marketing Tips to Improve Your Visibility

And onto today!

Brief, pithy and
to the point:

Looking for Video Bloggging Coaching?

If so, check this out:

Newbie Video Blog Coaching by Tiff Lambert!

Now, Tiff is the cool lady who just
offered the Lifetime membership for
her PLR. AND! I remember when
she started vblogging too!

As she says…

I was where you are now once upon
a time. My mentor kept telling me
to start video blogging, and the
mere mention of it made me hyperventilate.

What would I talk about?

Who would want to watch
a fat girl on video?

I don’t have any professional
video equipment!

Well guess what?

Video blogging is one of the
best elements I’ve ever added
to my business. It’s one of the
most fun things to do now and it
really helps you build a connection
with your target audience.

You can use video blogging for
your daily blogs, sales copy,
social media, and more….

*Super* Limited and Highly Worthwhile!!

If you’ve always wanted to gather
the courage to make a video blog
and have an extremely supporting
person cheer you on……

Get the above now. Woot!

Don’t forget yesterdays:

Brief, pithy and to the point:
Dennis has come out with
his latest, $500 Bucks a Month!
Here’s one of the goodies:
How To Earn $500 A Month With Facebook And Twitter
How to get fans and followers and earn $500 a month online, using social media
Easy ways to connect with your audience so you can earn more
How to turn fun social media time into pure cash
Exactly how to earn income as an affiliate, using an audience of millions on Facebook and Twitter
| oOo ==> That affiliate part is gold!
See, Dennis *knows* what he
writes about – he’s one of the most
prolific quality marketers out there
who has build a long-term community
that shines.

Highly recommended… check it out today!

Dont’ forget this mornings:

Looking to spy on
your competitors ethically?

If so, this just got released:

| oOo ==> TubeViperX Video Marketing spy

Video marketing *shines* when
it comes to driving quality traffic
that *buys*

But you need to do it right,
else all that shining turns
to icky dimness. 🙁

‘Cause you’ll waste time and money
creating videos, only never to rank
where your buyers will see them.

| oOo ==> Fix that here!

Lost with all the other
thousands of videos in our niche.

Some people have already
cracked that code, though. You
know… those folks whose videos
are ALWAYS on top?

But who likes to research anyway?
It’s annoying, time-consuming, and
exhausting. Most people would like to
see mold grow than do some market research.

| oOo ==> This does it FOR you!

Now you can research, optimize and
rank videos higher than ever before…
with just a couple of clicks!

Smart marketer Lisa Allen has just launched
Tube Viper X. This software will allow
you to ethically spy on your competition
so you can use what’s working and discard what’s not.

| oOo ==> TubeViperX Video Marketing spy

Lookie at these caffeine-infused goodies:

Quickly and easily research the factors
other videos are using to rank for a
keyword including grabbing the tags
which Google has hidden from you.

Analyze any channel (yours or your competitors’)
at a click of a button so you can see what’s
popular and plan your niche domination
with your video content.

Track video rankings over time so you
can see how you are doing for a keyword
at a glance.

| oOo ==> Catch that one click?

Manage account logins for multiple
YouTube/Adwords accounts, so no matter
which of your channels you are working
on, logging in is as simple as one click.

Extract related keyword data from Google’s
keyword planner and lets you mine ranking
videos, as well as, ad money being spent
in the niche and competition… so you
can pick out the keywords with the best
potential for profit and rankings.

Think of all the time you’ll save by
researching your market WITH ONE CLICK.

Also, think of the amount of traffic
you’ll get, the rankings, and the money
you could make by optimizing your videos correctly.

| oOo ==> See how here!


Just…. read this NOW.
| oOo ==> All the secrets here.

It’s explained ‘way better than
I ever could!!!
In a nutshell, you learn HOW
the power stars use video to
grab, hold and profit via
video marketing……
By someone who has been
in the industry for 20 years.
| oOo ==> Its…. *comprehensive!*.

Don’t forget our favs:

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Thank you for bring on my list – I will continue
to do my best to bring you the latest and
greatest of all marketing updates and will be sure
to touch base with you this afternoon
with all the latest goodies…

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Profitable

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