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| ==> Mastermind Closing TONIGHT
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Good morning!

It’s Monday morning and I cannot wait until this
afternoon – I *finally* get back to the doctor to
see just what the heck is going on with my leg.

But first, let me share with you the latest of
marketing excitements:

The buy button issue has been fixed.

My mastermind is closing to
night at 11:59pm and given the reviews you
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Training Your VA (coupon va50)

To wit:
Imagine how life changing it would be to have a premium-level assistant, who makes your life VERY easy.
An assistant who could do dream tasks for you like this:
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She’d help you get the highest level of engagement on your social media pages…
She’d help you maximize all your content to get massive amounts of traffic…
She’d help you set up sales funnels for your books and products…
She’d help you build your brand and expertise to lead in new prospects…
…and just generally make your life a LOT easier, while also working your strategic plan to make money.
Sounds amazing, right?
And here’s the good news – you don’t have to figure out how to do any of that stuff because…
I’m Going to Give My Money Making “Train Your VA” Videos
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Next, looking for ways to close clients on

big ticket items?
==> Interview Attraction Method
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Moving along, Dennis Becker’s goodie
can be found at:

| ==> 6 Easy Product Creation Pieces

To wit:

Easy Piece #1: Find Your Ultimate Motivation. Plan your business, get motivated, and stick with it. This piece is crucial- miss it, and you’re doomed to repeat past failures with product creation.

Easy Piece #2: Easy, Fast Product Creation. Finish a profitable product as early as today. This is a product on its own- but you can use it as a stepping stone to create an incredible product creation empire.

Easy Piece #3: Easily Create a High Earning Info Product. When you’re ready for more money and exposure, these product creation secrets will make it easy for you.

Easy Piece #4: Easy Sales Secrets. The easiest, fastest, and most profitable way to write sales letters and market your product- convert like crazy to turn a profit quickly.

Easy Piece #5: Easy Marketing, Easy Traffic. Get traffic fast and get traffic long term. You’ll have awesome sources of traffic you can tap into whenever you want… and they’ll convert like crazy.

Easy Piece #6: Easily Boost Sales And Earnings. You want to take your business to the next level to earn more and work less… this is exactly how to make that happen.

| ==> See for yourself!

And finally….

Want the entire BEST of Marlon Sanders?

| ==> Best of Marlon
| BENEFITS: Is there anything this man has not
| done?

And onto today’s authority news!

Good morning!
And potatoes.
And cheese.
Clear our roads.
Can you imagine? 🙂
I’m writing this around 6am – visiting the doctor today to get the low-down about my knee/foot/leg/etc. and simply move on with my life. I am so over this whole physical thingee – it’s time to reclaim whatever health I can and move on!
And in my Mastermind at , guess what. There was an issue with the buy button…. so it’s now open until tonight. Hate it when stuff like that happens. Argh!
Plus… I just scored you a $50 off coupon for Melissa Ingold’s Train Your VA:

at – it’s only good for 2 days and teaches you how to train your Virtual Assistant so your bottom line increases in ways you’ve never considered.
And it’s 6 days before Marching Band! Okay, the Superbowl. Have you created any products for that? It’s definitely going to be a popular topic for the next 6 days!
Today I am NOT releasing a product but oh I am so close! If you are releasing a product, let us know! And while I specialize in Authority Marketing, I do NOT focus on potato marketing in Gun Barrel City, TV . Greetings all Gun Barrel City potato marketers, you shine!
Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. NEVER FORGET.
Today’s Authority News:
Make a targeted Twitter Audience!
Tomorrow’s Inspiring Quote:

What is not started today is never finished tomorrow. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Have a great day!

Thank you for being on my list – I will do my best to
keep you abreast of all the new developments in the
marketing world and will be sure to touch base with you
this afternoon with whatever wootness crosses me desk.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Profitable

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