WP ViralGreet Developers WordPress Plugin

WP ViralGreet Developers Benefits

This is a neat WordPress plugin that lets you specify specific messages for your visitors.  Ie,

Depending on where your visitor is coming from, WPViralGreet will display two things: A button of the referring site in the left middle part of the page (fb like button, digg button, etc.), and a modal box with a greeting message that was set to display for that referrer, as well as another button. You can even set this modal box to lock the content if the referrer is Google or Facebook, and thus force visitors to +1/like in order to unlock the content.

By displaying a special message like “Hello fellow Facebooker…” you increase your chances that the visitor will decide to vote/share/like your page, and combined with a nicely designed modal box that will pop up after 10s, you almost have that guaranteed!

This product helps you by making your WordPress blog more friendly and inviting.

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