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| oOo ==> EasyBayPro! (developers rights included!)
| http://askbling.com/easybaypro
| BENEFITS: Adds eBay power monetization
| to your sites!

Brief, pithy and to the point:

Want a very profitable
way to monetize your blog?
Earlier this went live:
| oOo ==> EasyBayPro! (developers rights included!)
| http://askbling.com/easybaypro
Very cool – this takes advantage
of the eBay Partner network
so you can offer your visitors
*exactly* what they want to
see/buy (just like Amazon but
from eBay!)


| oOo ==> All in One eBay Partner Network!
| http://askbling.com/easybaypro
In a nutshell…it
Works with an location where
eBay does business, which is
great if you have international traffic
Dynamic Product Listings – EasyBay
Pro auto-updates products that have
expired and replaces them with new ones.
This means you won’t have to waste time
keeping track of products that you’re promoting

Insert As Many Listings As You Want
At A Single Time – With EasyBay Pro
you can promote as many products as
you’d like and your affiliate links
are automatically coded for you
| oOo ==> Catch that automatic?
| http://askbling.com/easybaypro
Real-Time Scarcity On Your Listings –
EasyBay Pro has a built-in countdown
timer that updates in real time for
each product you promote to increase

click-thrus and conversions
| oOo ==> Catch that scarcity?
| http://askbling.com/easybaypro

Done the right
way, you can really make
a HUGE amount of money
with the eBay affiliate program
(back in 2004 I was the 26th
affiliate out of ALL)….

It’s a tremendous opportunity!
Check it out before the price
jumps tonight.

Grow strong,

Barbara Easy is good! Ling

ps – Developers rights included!
| http://askbling.com/easybaypro

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Internet…or offline, for that matter. An educated consumer rocks!

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