[ WHY I CRIED ] at my $97 paid webinar: Dr. Ben Adkins was directly responsible for this, your turn now?


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Hey there,

I’m sooo utterly drained the only thing for which
I have energy now is ice cream! 🙂

See, I just finished giving my first
paid webinar for my first paid $97 class.
And it went grand! I ended up crying at the
end….because I realized that….

I DID IT! I went PAST my comfort boundaries…
and I DID IT!

I owe a *lot* of that to Dr. Ben Adkins.

When you consider I started at 97 cent
products for strict listbuilding…..and moved
to where I am now…..


Honestly, I have to credit Dr. Ben Adkins, my
mentor, with a huge amount of, well, credit. 🙂

See, it was back in early 2012 when I myself

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Ben opened my eyes to sooo many things, most

1.) You do NOT have to kill yourself making
2 products a week!

2.) You start to make money when you STOP focusing
on money as the only reason to be in your niche

3.) You HAVE to start valuing yourself
and what you have to offer!

What I REALLY love about the man is that
although he’ll guide you, he will NOT insist you
follow his ideas. So there were several launches
Doo dah, doo dah!

And I realized that, well, he was *right*.

Honestly…if you WANT to get out of your
comfort zone and get tremendously stellar
guidance….a paid mastermind is definitely
the way to go….and Dr. Ben’s is one of the best!

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I loved learning so much from him that I
signed up for his Level 2 program (which
was $497/month last year) and haven’t
looked back since.

The man is totally stellar and I can *highly*
recommend his training….after all, consider….

Last year, my products were priced at $9.97
(on a good day).

And today, they’re $97.


Grow strong,

Barbara Paid masterminds rock! Ling

I make marketing profitable!


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