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| oOo ==> Simple Viral Control (the meme upsell software…wow!)

| http://askbling.com/svc20
| WHY: Here’s how this is applicable to special deals:
| Example below!


It’s Wednesday evenin’ and let me tell you….
one of the best feelings in the world is debooting
your fused foot in the evenin. Took off said
boot, I did…and my toes cried in happiness.
Can’t wait until I can walk without a walker….
slow but steady is the name of the game.

During the day, I shared my new FB page
finding technique with some friends….and the
reactions showed me, it’s quite the timesaver
indeed. So perhaps I’ll be returning to product
creation sooner than later…

Will keep you posted!

Got lots to share but first!

| oOo ==> Mothers Know Best

| https://www.facebook.com/barbara.ling.entrepreneur/posts/609407695752619


and onto today!



It’s my first viral pix of


Can you guess what it is?

Speaking of that:

Here’s the 3rd example!



Talk about a way to get a special deal in front
of your audience on FB, Pinterest, Tumblr and the like!

I made that image with the Drag and Drop goodness
of the OTO upsell software.

Let’s go a wee bit beyond the usual MMO
mindset, aye?

One thing I learned with my 56K fanpage
is that images that look like shareable Memes….
well, they get *shared*.
So if you advertise your special that way, and write
all the goodness in the description,

*that* gets shared as well!

So not only does your picture get shared…

Your SALE link gets shared too!

What’s the best way to do that?

Catch the reader’s eye of course!


What if….

What if.


You want to add a call-to-action to ensure
your picture gets shared?

Let’s see that image again:


Notice the different fonts?

Notice the Call to Action button?

It’s ALL customizable AND…..

| oOo ==> It’s ALL Drag and Drop!
| http://askbling.com/svc20

So simple.

The front end of the product is how to
build insanely viral FB pages.

And if you DON’T want trends…..

Think instead: PASSION.

The FB techniques Don shares is applicable
to passion pages *too*!
That picture I shared on my moose page.


See how many likes are on that page?

Learned it all from Don.

So to recap:

| oOo ==> Insanely Viral!
| http://askbling.com/svc20

And speaking of FB:

I wanted to get
this out to you asap:

| oOo ==> NEW! FB Apps Ninja Creator
| http://awpt.co/wF4Xz?e=

See, I’m about to test it out on my moose
page, but didn’t want you to miss out on the
pricing, as it’s DIMESALE but rising rapidly.

What I find compelling, as I now have a 55K
page and a 5K page, is the ability to create
8 types of apps (you can see them on the sales page):

Fan Page, Squeeze Page, Gate Page Tab Applications Demo

Viral Stand Alone Apps DEMO Video

And it applies to:


* Affiliate Marketing

* Offline

* Fiverr


Like I said, I’m going to test it out today,
but did want to alert you to it.

| oOo ==> 8 in 1!
| http://askbling.com/fbninja

Don’t forget this mornings:

Want a really cool way to increase your offline

Ever want to truly stand out from other business
consultants? Well, what *if* (what if, mind you)
what IF…. you could PROVE you could double
the size of their business?
| oOo ==> Very simple yet extremely powerful

| http://askbling.com/tbdoubler

This is a quick, actionable 23 page PDF that takes
you by the hand and shows you how to target
a hyper-focused group of potential customers….
and then close them for a series of offline services.

I reviewed it myself and love the…. *smartness*
of it all.

So if you’d like actual offline proven methods that *work*:

| oOo ==> What offline businesses will *pay* for

| http://askbling.com/tbdoubler


This just got released and it’s quite monetizing indeed.

You’re probably aware that sometimes, it’s really
difficult to get your visitors’ mind on buying

But what that opportunity was immediately
available in a tasteful way?

| oOo ==> Shows visitors discounts too!

| http://awpt.co/AMhjS?e=

Honestly, just see that demo….it’s simple,
gentle, grabs attention and is easily closed
by the visitor too!

As you might konw, I’m heavily teaching myself
the art of niching with Amazon….and have all of
George’s other grand plugins. It makes monetizing
sites that much easier…..

How? Like this!

1) It makes you more money on autopilot: You
add the plugin to your blog ONCE and the search bar will continue
working for you forever, sending Amazon commissions your way. The search
results in the bar will also contain a 90-day-cookie (the default
Amazon cookie only lasts 24 hours). This means that you can make money
from the same visitor even if they purchase up to 3 months later!
2) It adds value to your blog: The
plugin will add a really cool search bar that allows your visitors to
custom search Amazon – without leaving your site! Your visitors can
find what they want quickly, right from your site. They can search for
items that are sold at a specific discount range (for example, 1-20%).
Hey, we all love a great deal! PLUS, your visitors will absolutely LOVE
playing with this search bar – it can become pretty addictive 😉
3) It’s simple and easy to use: All
the settings can be accessed from a single screen. The functions are
intuitive and don’t need any lengthy user manuals (that nobody likes
to read anyway). Each function has a help link next to it that
provides some advice for that function. But many customers tell us that
they don’t even need to open the help links, because it’s so obvious how
each function works…


So if further monetization is of interest to you….

| oOo ==> Amazon Intelligent Header Search Bar
| http://awpt.co/AMhjS?e=


Offline! Want an example of the kinds of images the
upsell can make?


Folks have asked me about Don’s product…
for offline.

it’s simple!!

Have you ever seen local newspapers
online? Ever notice the HUGE amounts
of comments the controversial articles

If you could knew…

I mean really *knew*…

Exactly what inflamed the passions of the local community….

Don’s product of:

| oOo ==> Simple Viral Control (the meme upsell software…wow!)

| http://askbling.com/svc20

would definitely show you how to
take advantage of that. And again…
its simple to find out what compels
the local community to share!

And the upsell!

I’ve been using the upsell software now for several
weeks to create compellingly shareable
images that folks on my fan page, well,
*share*! The tool is (get this!)

>Drag and Drop Simple Viral Control

| http://askbling.com/svc20


I’m one of the case study folk
for Don’s product. And if I didn’t
see it before my very eyes…I wouldn’t
have believed just how possible this

But because I did:

Now, you will want to buy SVC from me
because just finished writing 8 of the
best takeaways so you don’t have
to make the same mistakes I did.

For example, I’d probably have 200K
likes by now if I had done something earlier…
that I just started today.

You’ll hear about that.

And…I’ll share with you Google-savvy
ideas for uncovering trends that does NOT
use the recommended Google site.

That’s what caused me to create


on Friday (notice how many likes there are now).

Again – this is NOT dozens of pages or
webinars or videos or anything like that.

No pitch. 5 pages or so.

Just solid information, tips and techniques
I added to make my page so very much successful.

You’ll even learn my tips for the upsell – for
example, I used it to make:


It is THE Coolest Drag and Drop Meme creator
on the face of this planet. I was one of the beta
testers on that so yep….Going to share those
ideas too.

In other words…

When you buy thru my link, you’re getting
my real-world experience.

So remember.

Buy Don’s SVC…

from me.

| oOo ==> Simple Viral Control

| http://askbling.com/svc20

That about covers it for this moment’…woot!
Hope your day goes peachy…and I’ll be certain

to touch base with you bright and early tomorrow

with whatever wootness crosses my desk!

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Fun!


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