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| oOo ==> FB SEO Edgerank Rules (50 percent off)
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It’s Wednesday evening and wondering
what sorts of goodness emerged today?

Wonder no more, here they are!

1.) This is something that just crossed my
desk and while I have used proxies myself
(very helpful when your browser refuses
to access a site), many automation software
tools rely upon proxies as well.

| oOo ==> Rapid Proxy Finder/Scraper

Tools like

PageBot Pro

Proxies are required for tools like
the above. Generally, such proxy finders
are subscription-based only, but this tool
by Jeremy Kennedy is a one-time purchase:

| oOo ==> Dimesale!

2.) Want to take advantage of Facebook SEO
(ie, how to get your posts to rank higher
in newsfeeds)?

If so:

| oOo ==> Think Facebook SEO

Over 6 powerful modules that teach you: (this is just the
first 8 pages)

What Mark Zuckerberg really wants you to do on Facebook – and how doing so results in thousands of free visitors on a daily basis (page 1)

EdgeRank explained: the exact formula Facebook gives us, broken down step by step… and how to manipulate it to show up over and over again for free for each person… and 141 of their friends (page 2-3)

How to invoke ‘affinity’ to instantly boost any Facebook status update for free… and the fatal mistake wannabe Facebook experts recommend that results in nothing but lost time and effort (page 4-5)

Catch that boost?

Why you want to include photos in almost every single status update to not only increase EdgeRank but opt-ins and sales as well (page 5)

How to bypass the time decay and show up at the top of someone’s newsfeed, even for content you posted days ago! (page 6)

The perfect amount of status updates you should be pumping through your profile and/or pages on a weekly basis (page 6)

How to capitalize on Facebook’s excess newsfeed inventory to run the cheapest ads possible… with the least likely chance of getting an ad disapproved (page 8)


Nice! And finally:

3.) Google Hangouts is now one of the most popular
ways people can build their business online – they’re
free, they offer fantastic SEO benefits and they’re
extremely simple to do!

Hangouts are applicable to every niche
imaginable… it’s a powerful business tool.
So! Imagine being able to upload, sell and
keep 100% of the profits with this done-for-you
business in a box:

| Includes 20 videos/how-tos

You can sell this course to your customers
Add the video series to your paid membership sites
Create audio/reports
Convert the video INTO reports, sell on ebook sites
Create PPTs from them
Change the content to a paid email series

And right now… it’s:

| LESS than $10

Don’t forget this mornings:

Our private mastermind at
is delivering *tremendous* benefits
to those who grab this deal early….
Apply at .
You’ll love the testimonials you see
there too!

The benefits being received by the current
members…. gratifying. Price will end up being
$197/month retail – reserve your spot today!


And speaking about FB, did you catch
the latest on:

| ==> FB Fan Boom Done For You Goodness (just reopened!)
| WHY: 62 themes, Mobile ready, Discount templates, Landping Pages,
| YouTube Twitter Integration, more!

And two offline products emerged as well:

Are you in offline?

If so, are you looking for a way to set yourself
apart from the rest of the thundering herd?

This particular offer enables you to edit
a template in less than half an hour,
and then offer the customized final
result to your offline clients.

| oOo ==> 5 video-ready templates and…

It also includes

* Custom animation

* Powerpoint training

* Keynote training


Not to mention:

| oOo ==> Mobile Leads

This is an authority class targeted solely
to those offline marketers who want to
break into the real estate industry…
and want a professionally done blueprint
and process to help them along.

Good stuff!

Thank you for being on my list – I will do my
best to keep you abreast of all the new developments
in the marketing world and will be sure to touch base with
you bright and early tomorrow with whatever
wootness crosses me desk.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
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