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| oOo ==> Marlon Sander’s Latest –
| Get Started Fast, Guaranteed!
| WHY: The man is a legend, walks the walk he talks
| and what you learn… BAM. Instant goodness.

Wondering what sorts of
goodness emerged today
in marketing land?

Wonder no more… enjoy
the below!

Brief, pithy and to the point:
Want done for you animated templates?
14 of ’em?
Each with
Animated Headlines
| oOo ==> ALL of them come with these….
Sound Effects!
| oOo ==> ALL of them come with these….
They include:
Logo Reveals
Kinetic Text Domination
Dating and Relationships
Real Estate 2.0
Business Character Promo
Celebrity Cameo Promos
World Leader Characters
Diverse People Characters
| oOo ==> Catch all those characters?
So if you’re looking to
jump right into video
marketing goodness with
done-for-you templates…

Check this out today. You’ll love what you learn!


oo this is nice.
I tested it out myself.
This goodie asks you questions
about your topic….. and then
returns to you a book-length
starting point *about* your
topic that is remarkably native
English and reads quite well.
| oOo ==> It’s software and does it for you!
What is so super-cool about this….
You can use the books generated as:
1.) Basis for your OWN products
2.) Content for your OWN ebooks/Kindle
3.) Content for your OWN mobile apps
and that’s just scratching the surface!
You can even see sample content
on the sales page and yep…
I tested it out myself.
| oOo ==> Think blog posts, books….

This…. well, honestly I have never
seen anything quite like this before.
This takes templates into the 23rd
century…. it is definitely a must-have
for any serious:
Content Creator
eBook Writer
Kindle Author
and more. Get it now!
Brief, pithy and to the point:
Marlon Sanders has done:
$3.7+ Million in Sales
2,826,874 Website Visitors
74+ Products Created
199,500 email subscribers
28,345 Affiliates Recruited —
| See how HERE
Here’s one reason to listen:
For 7 years, more or less, I lived
what I call the 30-minute workday.
Here’s a joke I tell my friends with a
bit of truth in it: I read that book
the Four Hour Work Week. It’s really good.
Only thing is, I realized that if I applied it,
I’d have to work another 3 hours a week!
| 30 minute work day?
Really, most days I had about 30 minutes
or sometimes an hour of real work to do.
Everything else happened like clockwork.
I see a lot of marketers now claiming to
have been in this business since 1996, or 1998.
Which is fine. The thing I have that other
marketers don’t during all those years is
a record of sales of $20,000, $30,000,
$40,000 and $50,000 a month, month
after month, year after year beginning
in 1998, and significant online sales before that.
I wasn’t on the internet.
I was SELLING on the Internet.
And that’s a huge difference.
| Catch that difference?
And not only that, I lived the lifestyle
working from home for most of that
time. I didn’t get an office until a
few years ago and even now,
I’ve gone back to my virtual office.

I have lived the 30-minute workday
for many years and created dozens of
systems over that time period….
| Get the full story HERE!

Marlon is one of the most
trusted marketers out there….
simply because compared to
the hypeNFroth Wannabees….

He delivers. Grab it today!

Don’t forget this mornings….

Plus I’m tackling making my
mobile apps more and more –
it’s a tremendous deal at

LIFETIME Create Cool Mobile Apps

To sell on the Apple platform,
you need an Apple developer ID
(they’re $99 a year). I treated
myself to that!

AND. Just like you can monetize
webpages, you can also monetize
apps as well! Sites like

etc.etc.etc. – – you
can incorporate all of
that into your own apps.


Lets you do iPhone, Kindle, Android, more!

Very cool indeed.

And onto today!

Looking to profit
from Bitcoins?

This just in:

eCommerce Bitcoin STORE!

This customized solution
builds you a store where
visitors can buy a product
via bitcoins. The front end
focuses on 1 specific product
while the upsell offers more.

It’s a quick way to get into
selling via bitcoins if you
want to explore that niche…

Ginkgo store and then:

Don’t forget yesterdays:

Brief, pithy and to the point:

Looking for a product creation
course from a proven product

Where you’ll learn:

How to get started today even if you
don’t have a product of your own

The easy method for recruiting top
Joint Venture Partners even if you’ve
never sold anything online before and
have no reputation.

The simple method for creating your
very own product within 48 hours or less.

| oOo ==> Catch that 2 days?

The 4 things that will have JV Partners
running for the hills and has the
potential to destroy your online reputation.

The right way to construct your sales
funnel for maximum traffic, conversions,
and results… do this wrong, and you
could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

The one small scheduling trick that
can make the difference in a four
figure launch and a launch that puts
six figures in your pocket… This will
take you less than 30 minutes…

How to use a powerful, yet often
overlooked, free traffic method to
drive thousands of buyers to your sales page.

| oOo ==> Catch that traffic?

How to get maximum social media
exposure and boost your profits…

My secret trick for having a converting
sales funnel up and running within
3 minutes or less… no special tech
skills required… if you can point and
click your mouse and check your email, you’re golden!

The easy cash method my
colleagues and I use to successfully
close high ticket
coaching programs – Just one
of these programs can easily
put $10,000, or more, in
your pocket in a matter of days.

How to get paid in advance to create your own product.

| oOo ==> More!


Erica Stone came out
her latest on how to profit
via Amazon… and this one
is (like all of her products)

It focuses on the 2014
Winter Holidays and is:

Deck Their Halls 2014

In 4 months or so, said
winter holidays will be
upon us! So this is a
*perfect* time to start
building up the Amazon/
affiliate sites (you can even
use Hangouts to help in
rankings like I show in
Social SEO Leapfrog at )!

IT’s a meaty report and
walks you through (with
screenshots too!) exactly
how you can start building
your future income today.

Plus it comes with ready-to-use
Xmas images!

Shows how to add the power of Pinterest too!

Plus it comes with ready-to-use
Xmas images!


Want a super easy way
to create infographics….
from scratch?

==> No Photoshop Needed!

It includes:

* Drag and Drop

* 500+ high-resolution images

* 100% web-based

and get this

==> Includes developers license!

Don’t forget our favs:

==> Create Cool Mobile Apps Lifetime Membership!

==> Special 1 Problem/1 Solution (my list only discount)

==> EASIEST Way to Build Sleek Optin

==> 37 Ways To Grab Leads (Zero cost!)

==> The Better Life Sequence (Zero cost!)

==> Zero cost affiliate training from the
super popular NAMS group:

==> Marlon Sanders Big Book of Secrets

==> 21 Powerful Copywriting Tips…. Zero cost!

==> Special 6 in 6 coaching $1 trial

==> Magpreneur Magazine App Builder


Thank you for bring on my list – I will continue
to do my best to bring you the latest and
greatest of all marketing updates and will be sure
to touch base with you this afternoon
with all the latest goodies…

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Profitable

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