Want to easily get on the Power Marketer’s Radar? 2pm TODAY, Perking Up Profits show

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Today is our 6th Perking Up Profits show and
my oh my – if you’ve *ever* wanted to know an
easy way to get onto the power marketers’ radars….
you’re going to LOVE what we share.

| oOo ==> TODAY! 2pm EST 6/20/13 – woohoo!
| http://askbling.com/mevent

Dennis Becker, you might know, is the brains
behind the profitable Earn 1K A Day paid community
and this is the 5th year (5th!) he’s putting on a marketing
event in Las Vegas.

But here’s what’s so cool about this – not only does
Dennis know just how people can max out their
benefits to such events, but I have been now to
5 power marketing conferences myself.

And I’ve *listened*…I’ve *learned*….and tomorrow
at 2pm EDT, you’re going to be able to take our
best tips and apply them to *you*.

Things we’ll cover include:

* How to get on the power marketers’ radars easily and effectively

* How to zero in on the BEST coach for your business

* Why you might want to MISS the presentations in favor of…
* How to ensure you make an impression impossible to miss


No matter what your business plans are…knowing how
to profit from any power events are skills you really
cannot afford to miss.

Good stuff indeed!

| oOo ==> What we’re going to reveal…will stun you.
| http://askbling.com/mevent

Can’t wait to see you at the show – reserve your
seat today!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

ps – Will I be seeing you there as well?

| http://askbling.com/mevent

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