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| oOo ==> 4 Simple Steps To Making Your Content Irresistible
| WHY: Spells out the free resources you can use this minute
| to beef up your search engine appeal! ‘Tis my personal how-to

| I just did this morning….woot!


It’s Saturday Morning and I’ve created THE most
awesome useful resource that you can find online today!


| oOo ==> 4 Simple Steps To Making Your Content Irresistible

and shows you how you can use free WordPress plugins
to increase your sites’ appeal to Google. Woot!

If you like, please do share! I was in hyper-focus
work mode; the steps are easy to follow and the
benefits make it a no-brainer to do as well.

And onto today!

Do you remember:

==> Ultimate Social Challenge

It released on Tuesday, and goes off the market
this Tuesday, and focuses on showcasing to you
top strategies for long-term passive income from
Facebook, Pinterest and more.

Well! More than 4,000 copies have sold as
for only $7, it just makes *sense* to buy (the
amount of actionable info is staggering!).

And remember, if you buy thru my link above,
you can forward to me your receipt and get
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Book 1 Begin Your Pinning Empire
Book 2 Pinning For Manly Men
Book 3 The Pinning Games
Instant Smartness
Transform It


Their OTOs too! We’re talking MORE than
$100 worth of my popular products… I said.

No brainer indeed! 🙂

==> Ultimate Social Challenge

(See some smashing images about it too!


Even though the free premium I shared above
took me over 3 hours to write:

| oOo ==> 4 Simple Steps To Making Your Content Irresistible

I really like the whole idea of sharing stuff
like this.

So….be prepared for more premium goodies
in this newsletter! 🙂

And don’t forget yesterdays:

Want to see a truly creative way to profit online?

Lookie at

| oOo ==> Spongebob Squarecash

It’s out of the box thinking that combines
the hugely popular Spongebob, CPA, Youtube
and other thingees as well. Neat!


Amazon do ye?

If so, you’re going to love Michaels’ latest

| oOo ==> Amazon Affiliate Hunting and Fishing Expedition

I adore the quality Michael offers – this gives you:

* 50 (50!) high quality Amazon affiliate videos
* 100s of Exact Match Fishing Keywords
* 100s of Exact Match Hunting Keywords
* Over 400 (400!) PLR hunting articles
* WP Mini Site WITH Graphics (wooooot!)

If you’re into making profits with Amazon….check
it out. Now!


Want you some nifty Facebook like graphics
plus a whole lot more? If so,

| oOo ==> NICE collection of FB Like graphics

is nice – eyecatching Like US! stickers,
timeline backgrounds and much much more
at quite a ridiculously low price. Woot!

And don’t forget yesterdays:

What does Maria Gudelis, Tina Williams, James Renouf,
Mathra Mayo, Liz Tomey, Jeff Derick and MORE
have in common?

They’re all interviewed at:

| oOo ==> Learning From The Masters

So nice indeed! These are productive and
profitable WSO authors who make grand products
that sell bunches….and in WSO Masters, you can
join these powerful eClasses to find out their
insights, tips and tricks. Woot!


You know how Google has released a SHARE
button to allow visitors on your site to share
your goodness across Google platforms?

Well then, lookie at

| oOo ==> Google Share Button X3 WordPress Plugin

Very simple indeed! It puts that Google Share
Button smack on your page, above, below or both
your post!

I have it installed on my site as well….woot!

Next, looking for a unique twist regarding CPA?

If so,

| oOo ==> CPA Loophole|

shows you how to create your *own* CPA
offers. Intriguing!

That about covers it for Saturday evening……yay! I’ll be

sure to touch base with you this afternoon with whatever
wootness crosses me desk.

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Turn Chaos Into Simplicity

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