The Warrior Code 2012

The Warrior Code 2012 Benefits

This is 9 blueprints and 4 modules to show newbie warriors how to make money in 2012.


  • The Google Local Magnet – The same step by step blueprint I’ve developed for creating top ranking Google Places listings that sell themselves and earn me up to $199 a pop. (This guide still sells over on ClickBank for more than the price of this entire WSO)
  • 10 Minute Mobile Websites. In this guide, I’m sharing a real life Google insider’s sneaky method to build fully functioning mobile websites, complete with QR code and money-off coupon, in around 10 minutes. Not bad, when you consider people think I’m doing them a favour selling these for $50-75 a piece.
  • Dominating Local Search. Think about it for a minute, ranking a website for your local town or city is a lot easier than taking on the entire world wide web. In this module I’ll show you how to quickly get top rankings for any local company, impress the pants off of local business people and have them chomping at the bit to buy anything you offer them.

This product helps you by giving you excellent ways to earn money as a newbie in 2012.

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