==> The BETTER Than Black Friday Sale!

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Hey there,

Barb Ling here and the latest from Dennis and me is now live!

It’s our BETTER Than Black Friday sale….

And OMG the value packed!

We’re talking:

1.) 68K in 57 Days (winner: Deal of the Day!

Not only do you get Sean’s original blueprint, 68K in 57 Days, you ALSO receive *ALL* the good parts laid out for you in Barb Ling’s special NOTES accompanying PDF! This goodie shows you exactly how Sean managed to score 68K in just 57 days…. perfect for newbies!

Next, you’ll learn the exact methodology we used to secure the above Deal of the Day… and how you can as well! Move now to:

2.) How To Get More Buy Buttons Out There… Super Fast (winner: Deal of the Day!)

Every step we did to get that first Deal of the Day…. is laid out in simple, A-B-C fashion. Winning Deal of the Day isn’t rocket science – it’s delivering top notch value (even if you did NOT write the original product (Sean Mize is the original author of 68K in 57 Days)).

Next, you will discover:

3.) 100K in 1 Year Power Blueprint (winner: Deal of the Day!)

Again, not only do you get Sean’s original blueprint, 100K in 1 Year, you ALSO receive *ALL* the good parts laid out for you in Barb Ling’s special NOTES accompanying PDF! This goodie shows you exactly how Sean structures his business so that 100K/year is a minimum expectation…. really well done.

Between that success and the next, we released some truly awesome PLR content (235K Premium IM Words and 320K Premium IM Words). We’ve always said that one can create entire funnels from this product… and Barb proved that point by her own launch (Passive Affiliate Marketing Sweet Spot, that included 5 products created entirely from those 2 launches).

We then wrote about it over at:

4.) Buy Buttons Made Simple Case Study Volume 2 (winner: Deal of the Day!)

Yep. Every single step Barb took to crafting 5 entire funnels (it ALSO won Deal of the Day) is outlined for you, waiting for you to follow as well!

==> Intrigued? See the ENTIRE Package at

Next, we recognized that some people are more newbish than others. Everyone started as a beginner! So we released:

5.) 100K/Year Part 2! (winner: Deal of the Day!)

This is a prep blueprint for those who really don’t yet quite “get” how money is made online (aka affiliate programs, building a list, having a domain, etc.etc.etc.).

And of course, that too won Deal of the Day!

And speaking of product creation, have you ever wondered how seasoned marketers split test their sales funnels? What can even BE split tested? Have you ever wondered how it’s even possible? Not to fear, your next goodie is:

6.) Split Testing Made Easy (winner: Deal of the Day!)

This Deal of the Day winner, also included in this Better Than Black Friday special, reveals to you EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted to know about split testing…. made even more simple with screenshots too!

Now those 6 entire blueprints above by themselves are enough THUD value for the super low Better Than Black Friday Sale.

But as we pride ourselves on over-delivering, we’re ALSO including these 6 quick Evergreen reports by Dennis Becker:

7.) How To Make $100 or more, every day from This Technique

Inside this report you’ll learn how many of the top marketers of our generation got started, by selling content that they’ve created. You can easily make $100 or more from this technique, with relatively no experience necessary. You’ll learn all you need to know here!

==> Catch that $100/Day?

Next, you’ll benefit from:

8.) How To Become An Expert In Just One Day!

Are you amazed by how knowledgable some of those so-called Internet “gurus” seem to be? They weren’t born geniuses on 834 topics, after all… they learned tricks and tactics, and now you can too… in just *one* day.

Wow your audience in your chosen niche(s) and take that knowledge to the bank!

Next is quite the goodie too:

9.) How To Start A Freelancing Business In Just One Day!

The Internet engine runs on content, and you’ve heard many times that “content is king”. Someone has to create all that content… and those that do can make great income marketing to those who need it!

That can be you, and you’ll learn how to get started in just 24 hours.

==> It’s DIMESALE so you have to hurry…

The above by themselves are enough THUD to last you for weeks on end, but they’re not done yet! Behold:

10.) How To Build Your Own List In Just One Day!

They say… “the money is in the list.” Learn how to build a highly profitable list in any niche, by taking this simple one-day list building challeng… and you’ll be on your way to becoming a power authority figure in your chosen niche(s) and seeing people buying from you!.

But we’re NOT done even yet…. the 11th goodie is:

11.) How To Create Your Own Product In Just One Day!

Here, you can discover how to create simple one-problem, one-solution products that can be done in a day or less. And once you do it the first time…. there will be no stopping you!

In practically no time, you’ll have your own empire of products that affiliates will beg you to allow them to promote.

And the final component of our Better Than Black Friday Extravaganza is:

12.) How To Create An AWESOME Sales Page In Just One Day!

The difference between success and failure can often be traced to a magnetic sales page that evokes emotions…. and shows people how your product will solve their problem.

Here, you will discover how to craft a money magnet that converts visitors to buyers… in just one day.

12 Fantastic Reports and Evergreen Blueprints…. waiting for you!

==> What are you waiting for? It’s DIMESALE remember…

Seriously, you can apply this evergreen content to any niche imaginable…. it will definitely get your 2018 off to a fantastic start!

And the enhancements?

Even more unbelievable value…

* PLR rights to the 6 Quick Evergreen Reports

* A collection of previous high-powered upsells bundled together at a BETTER Than Black Friday Price

* Big Ticket Mastery PLR

==> Start your Adventure HERE!

Sounds good? Indeed… this sale will NOT last long….

… and yet it gives you just about *everything* you need to ensure your 2018 is a rockin’ success.


Grow strong,

Barb “More Profits!” Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

PS: Price increases with EACH sale… so hurry!

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