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| oOo ==> Superstar Outsourcing
| WHY: Quick powerful PDF that shows you| both how to outsource offline…*and* build| a business from it. Woot!
It’s Thursday evening and I did survive,
yay! Attended a mastermind call that

really put into perspective my next 3
months of work….tons of it, mind you,
but laying the groundwork for truly
smart business growth. YAY!

Got lots of goodies to share so let’s get

First, though:

==> When Your Health Resembles An Imploded Zombie Apocalpyse…Do This.

When Your Health Resembles An Imploded Zombie Apocalpyse…Do This.

My morning. Hope you find the tips useful! ๐Ÿ™‚

And onto today:

Looking to outsource superstars to build up
key aspects of your offline business?

If so,

| oOo ==> Superstar Outsourcing
| out quality ways to
outsource bunches of your
business tasks….neat!

And did you miss this SEO headsup:

| oOo ==> Search Engine Caffeine

This is a smart simple PDF *and* video
collection that shows you how to use Google
News to get your content on the top of the
search engines rather easily indeed.

And yep, I’ve done this route back when
I was teaching Internet recruiting…plus,
I’ve heard names like Brad Gosse and
Anthony Aires also report how news articles
and press releases truly helped generate
a massive amount of quality backlinks
*and* authority to the content in question.
Nice! I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets
WSO of the Day….

What’s that?

You want mind-numbingly wondrous PLR

Then you’re going to ADORE:

==> Ready Made PLR to promote Google Places Services and…

This is so huge it boggles the mind. Templates,
flyers, Powerpoints, Kunaki graphics, lead gen
report…’s all there. Woot!

And don’t forget this mornings:

Do you do Amazon Affiliate goodness?

If so, you’ll LOVE this extremely DIMESALE

| oOo ==> Amazon Affiliate Summer Home Improvement WOW!
Another great product by Michael, this sports
50 (50!) high quality Amazon affiliate summer
home repair *videos*, more than 140 PLR
summer home repair articles, WP goodness,
graphics….Yowsa! Really grand indeed.

Next, you know how black hat sites steal

Want to turn the tables on them?

If so,

==> Black Hat Arbitrage

is cool – it’s a 9 video product about
ways you can add to your own income
by appearing to give black hat folks
what they want. Very clever indeed.

And don’t forget yesterdays:

Be you business doing on Facebook?

Be you talk better than that? ๐Ÿ™‚

Looking for ways to grab quality
targeted leads from Facebook easily
and simply?
If so:
| oOo ==> Facebook Lead Generation
This is a powerful software that immediately
returns to you business names/contact info/
FB Page, likes and much much more….

And hope you didn’t miss:

You’ve probably already received 9,384 emails
by now about SpokesPigeon, the how to get
high visibility online by taking advantage of
Facebook, Twitter, etc.etc.etc.etc. plus more.


| oOo ==> SpokesPigeon
Well! Here’s the only reason why I personally
think this should be of interest to you.

I know the concept ….*works*.

Heck, I’ve been doing it myself now for, what, 3-4 years?

And I’ll prove it.

Lookie at me Twitter.

==> Barbara Ling Twitter

Notice it’s kinda sorta automated.

Yet look how many people are following me.

Next, lookie at

==> GhostZen Twitter

392 followers…and not one update has ever
been real. I’ve set it all up to be done automatically.
And most of those followers are targeted to the niche
in question.

One more!

==> NJ Teacher Twitter

Again. All auto generated content.
But the results? When the client’s
site finally DOES go live….there’s a
readymade audience….already built-in.


Apply this to the important person reading this,
you, aye?

Indeed, there *are*
ways to automate your Twitter and Facebook
and other content….so that your authority
can’t help BUT grow.

| oOo ==> SpokesPigeon

*That’s* why you should seriously take…
a look at SpokesPigeon. It’s a concept
that is solid, makes sense, *and* ….
the applications of it, honestly…are
unlimited indeed.

So! Buy your copy, send me your receipt,
and let me know what of my products you’d
like as a bonus. I’m currently earlobe deep
into writing me latest, so perhaps that would
interest you as well!


Want some nifty done-for-you PLR Sales
funnel videos? 17 of them, to be precise?

If so,

| oOo ==> 17 PLR Done For You Sales Funnel Videos
is nifty neato coolio grand! It’s just what it says –
17 popular marketing topic videos you can change/edit/
etc. and use for your own sales funnels. Neat!

That about covers it for Thursday evenin………woot!

Hope your day goes grand and I’ll be sure to check in
with you bright and early tomorrow with whatever
wootness crosses me desk!

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Turn Chaos Into Simplicity

ps – do remember to get on

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