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| ==> Beginners RSS Marketing Secrets 8pm EST TONIGHT!

| http://barbaraling.com/seemore/mynamst.php

| WHY: RSS gives you plenty of ways to increase

| your income online with no extra effort – zero cost

| webinar!



It’s Wednesday evenin’ and in 30 minutes, I’m
going to be giving a grand RSS Marketing Secrets
webinar for MyNAMS over at:

| ==> Beginners RSS Marketing Secrets 8pm EST TONIGHT!

| http://barbaraling.com/seemore/mynamst.php

You’ll have a blast and also take away
quality RSS tips you can use today to
start increasing your profits rapidly…indeed.
Hope to see you there!

In other news, yep, the husband DID order
the 6’x4′ whiteboard, so in a week or so…
yeehah! I’ll be able to overviewize my
ENTIRE 2013…. so useful to see it all in
one area. Can’t wait!

Speaking of not waiting, this weekend I’ll
be releasing something….HUGE. Something
you have to sell *me* on. Something that will
change the way you do business! To begin with,
I’ve created a survey over at

==> Kicking Fate In The RIGHT Direction

Might you take out time to fill it out? It would
really help me set the direction of the goodies
I share this year…thanks!

Got lots to share but first!

==> MORE FB emoticons!

Nifty! And onto today!

Looking for a new proven way to increase
your Amazon commissions?

PPC can always deliver goodness, but Adwords
is extremely tough on requirements. Have you
ever considered instead Bing and Yahoo?

No? Well then!

| oOo ==> Includes exact templates!
| http://awpt.co/L3JFq?e=

Not only that, but look at these bonuses from the author:

…1. The exact template I’m personally using
to get close to 80% click throughs on my landing pages. This is actually
worth probably 10X the price of this WSO alone. You can use this
landing page for pretty much anything! CPA offers, Clickbank products,
Free Trials…whatever. It’s incredibly simple but works like nothing
I’ve ever used before.
2. The same program script I use to earn back the money I spend on
clicks and add value that my visitors love at the same time. This can be
used to earn more money from your visitors, capture emails or anything
you want. Full instructions are included.
3. Heatmap case study that shows you exactly where to place your ads
on any landing page to get maximum profit. Use this with the script
above to maximize your additional earnings and get clicks for free.
4. My personal system for finding products before anyone else does.
Using WordPress blogs to rank for products that have NO competition
because they are so new but HIGHLY searched for.
5. Complete WordPress Cloning Guide that shows you exactly how to
use a free wordpress plugin to build your site once and then clone it
over and over again. Use this with the system for finding new products
and have your new site up in less than 30 minutes ready to grab the top
listings for NO competition HIGHLY searched for products.
6. Spreadsheet with top Amazon high commission products in each
category. You can use these to quick start your business right away….

So if increasing your Amazon commissions appeals
to you…

| oOo ==> Did I mention the Amazon Discount Software with YOUR affiliate link embedded?

| http://askbling.com/amaz80
What’s that?

Is offline your thing? If so, did you know that
Auto Repair Shops are a fantastically HOT Offline niche to target because:

* They SERIOUSLY need help generating new leads using the internet and…

* Their services will ALWAYS be in demand and…

* They aren’t afraid to SPEND money on advertising!

See, most shops know they need a STRONG online presence,
but they’re struggling with HOW to make it happen…

Even though Auto Repair shops heavily invest in traditional forms of
marketing and advertising – such as newspapers, yellow pages,
TV commercials, they still fall short when it comes to utilizing the
Internet to bring in new local leads who need their services.

==> Done For You Automotive PLR!

Another great package by Ms. Motivation,
this goodie comes complete with

* Lead Gen report

* Whiteboard video (bunches of voiceovers!)

* PLR content for autorepair site

* Crisp Squeeze Page


So if getting into the offline auto repair market
appeals to you….

| ==> Done for you – what more can you want?
| http://askbling.com/autoplr
Don’t forget this mornings:

It’s Wednesday morning and how the heck is life
treating you? Me, I made the profound decision
(it’s really profound!) to invest in a Big Huge Whiteboard
for my office – rearranged the furniture and gave
the husband the action item of finding one such
beastie. He used to be a technical supervisor at
a large Death-Star oriented company so he knows…..
whiteboards. With a vengeance! ๐Ÿ™‚

In other news, tonight I’m giving this cool webinar
for MyNAMS at 8pm EST!

| ==> Beginners RSS Marketing Secrets
| http://barbaraling.com/seemore/mynamst.php
|| WHY: RSS gives you plenty of ways to increase
| your income online with no extra effort – zero cost
| webinar!

Hope to see you there. I’ve got wonderful goodies

Got lots to share but first:

==> Wisdom Wednesday!

This is where my group will be sharing
their smart ideas that have helped them grow
their business – you’ll love what you read!

AND! So humbled I am today – Britt Malka
wrote such a grand review of my group so I
wrote today’s shoutout to her over at:


I think you’ll like it bigtime!

And onto today!

Yesterday, I shared:

I updated you about the new
LoveClaw social plugin that everyone and their
coffeecups are rhapsodizing in perfect harmony

But now, I can tell you – I’ve bought it myself,
installed it myself, and oooo it’s sweet!

See for yourself!

Sinfully Effective Loveclaw Emotional Sharing WP Plugin

Sinfully Effective Loveclaw Emotional Sharing WP Plugin – Installed it here and it looks grand!

As you’ll see…it’s extremely effective indeed!

What’s that?

Amazon? How would you like 80% Clickthru

==> BING/Yahoo to Amazon PPC!


You’ve heard about Google Adwords, well,
Bing/Yahoo have something similar (but
much less restrictive! This is a step-by-step
blueprint for PPC via Bing and Yahoo to
Amazon by a guy who uses these technniques
himself. Cool!

Don’t forget yesterdays:

In other news, I’m teaching my kids about
affiliate marketing and wow, it sounds cute to
hear Honorable Boy 1 talk about, Mom! Is
80% traffic conversion to Amazon a good rate?
Should be a good summer indeed…. ๐Ÿ™‚

And! I begin the discussion:

==> When is being vulnerable…TOO Vulnerable?

Lots of grand comments and sharing from
our group – do check it out!

As promised, I wrote about it over at

==> Power points of the 2013 Warrior Event in NChttp://www.barbaraling.com/insights/2013-warrior-event-nc/

I think you’ll find it most beneficial indeed!

Today, I’ll be sharing more tips over at

plus alerting you to other FB goodies too!

Got lots to share but first!

==> Never underestimate!


Would you like to monetize a FB Fan Page in
one of the easiest ways imaginable? If so, check this out:

| ==> Paypal Commissions straight from FB| http://awpt.co/cFIa3?e=

This extremely easy-to-use Plugin just pulls
in all the RAP-based products out there from
Wacky Central, RAPbank and others (and divides
them in over a dozen niches!) as well. It’s
*extremely* useful and can definitely add
to your FB bottom line.

Speaking about FB, the developer just released another
goodie –

Facebook Fan page Viral List Builderhttp://awpt.co/q3dQ8?e=
This gives you the opportunity to turn an entire
Fan page into a question/answer/gifting thingee….
pretty neat to see in action.

That about covers it for this moment’…woot!
Hope your day goes peachy…and I’ll be certain

to touch base with you bright and early tomorrow

with whatever wootness crosses me desk!
Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Profitably Fun!

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