Sssshhhhhhhhh (it’s less than the price of a pair of movie tickets but what you *receive*…..

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| oOo ==> Dennis Becker’s Supervault PRE Black Friday Special
| LESS than the price of a pair of movie tickets!
| BENEFITS: Truly a backdoor to a wealth of products/knowledge/etc.
| you can use to make 2014 your most profitable year *yet*….
| at rather humongous savings.

You know Dennis Becker, right? The
guy who created Earn1KaDay and currently
has a thriving forum/FB group/100s of
products/etc.? The man is one of the
true walk the walk he talks individual
in Internet marketing, and one I’m very
proud to call my friend and colleague.

Well, for *this* particular Black Friday sales,
he’s gone out on a limb to redefine…


| oOo ==> It’s his personal SuperVault.

Let me show you the bare tip of the iceberg
in what he is offering you today:

Month 1: ORIGINAL Price: $324
==> Affiliate Domination Secrets.

Month 1 (instantly after you join) – since many if not most online marketers start off as affiliates for those who’ve created products already, the first course is called Affiliate Domination Secrets.

Do you want to be a cash producing affiliate? Affiliate Domination Secrets is a step-by-step, 52-week training program for making money online by promoting affiliate programs. In it’s original structure from the author, this was a 12 month training course, with 52 weekly lessons sent by email, priced at $27 per month for 12 months.

Month 2: ORIGINAL Price: $240
==> Top Traffic Ideas

Month 2 – Whether you’re promoting affiliate products for others, or you’re selling your own products, you need traffic. Who can buy what you’re selling if they don’t know about it, right? So the next component of The Super Vault is a product sold separately as Top Traffic Ideas.

Top Traffic Ideas was also originally a fixed term membership, with modules drip fed for 12 months at a cost of $20 per month. Each module gives a different strategy for bringing in free traffic, and by the end of the course you have the ability to get as many eyeballs in front of your offers as you want.

But who wants to wait a year, right? So he lets you get everything at once.

Month 3: ORIGINAL Price: $97
==> The Rinse and Repeat System

Month 3 – Here’s where it gets even more interesting and exciting. This month you get access to what we call The Rinse and Repeat System. Sold originally at $97, you’ll learn the top 3 core skills that any Internet marketer absolutely must know…

1. How to create an offer, typically for a product or service. This is actually easier than it sounds, and you’ll learn all about it.

2. How to build an email list so that you can start sending out your offers to those who have expressed an interest in knowing about them.

3. How to find joint venture partners and affiliates, so that more targeted traffic gets shown your offers, and ends up being added to your email list.

| oOo ==> There’s 9 MORE months available!!!!
Again…this is something that gives you a tremendous
value for LESS than a pair of movie tickets a month.

Catch that LESS than a pair of movie tickets a month?

HIGHLY….recommended. And I am 150% positive…
you’ll agree.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
| oOo ==> Bonuses too!
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