Sorrowful scene at restaurant (but yummy food!)

Hey there,

I’m currently eating breakfast with
the family at our morning eating place!

Having the morning steak tips/mushrooms
and other assorted yummness in preparation
for today’s webby, woohoo! And you’ll never
believe what occurred to me right now.

Ever see a business sign that has a business
logo, a catchy call to action like:

Like us on FB!

but then…. no printed link to the FB page?

Sigh. The poor restaurant owner…probably
hired a social media consultant who simply
didn’t get all the pieces correctly for the
owner! I can’t begin to imagine the money
they are losing ($200? $500?) for such
an icky return on their business. 🙁

See, nothing saddens me more than seeing
people spend their hard-earned money for
social media training….that *totally* misses the mark.

But didyou know – you can register for my own

6 powerful zero-cost Facebook marketing goodies
*today* at 12pm?

You can reserve your seat over at

==> Beginners FB Marketing Goodness! NEWBIE FRIENDLY!


To wit, this class will cover:
How you can use highly-creative FB techniques to grow your authority, brand and profits beautifully…for free! Topics you’ll learn include:
Secret 1.) Your Own Private Beach (FB is just a PART)
Secret 2.) Cake Baking/Chat Taming (Networking On YOUR Terms)
Secret 3.) No Brainer FB Niche Picking (what you enjoy)
Secret 4.) Power Personal Branding (for free!)
Secret 5.) Affiliate Launchpad (increasing bottom line)
Secret 6.) BONUS Picture Profits (money links!)
taht will be the freebies
You’ll love what you earn!

==> SEEeeeee The Crystal Ball Bonus!


Want even MORE info?
A few months ago, I wrote a really cool
product about profiting with FB entitled
FB Crystal ball. Never released it however…..

But get this! I *also* have software that
goes along with it…and will immediately
tell you what FB pages have a huge number
of likes in a niche AND (very important
that AND) have a LOW number of talking

That indicates *abandoned* FB pages!

Even better….

This software will be part of a very special
Mastermind I’m going to be releasing next week!

==> You’ll love what you earn!


Stay tuned….

Barbara Love sharing ideas! Ling

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