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It’s Wednesday morning here in LingLand and
I want to ask you a question.

Are you just plain….

Spinning your wheels?

I mean seriously.

Over the past few days, I’ve had some pretty
powerful talks with people I deeply respect,
and it’s been making an impression on me.

Tell me, do you buy products day after day after
day but end up not using them at all to build
*your* business?

If so, this is simply NOT good what so ever.

Internet marketing is meant to create cash influxes
for *you*. It is NOT meant for you to spend your
money and not do anything with the tools received.

What’s your take? Do you agree? I mean, it’s
one thing to sell shovels but really…go out and
*put into practice* what you learn!

My personal fav folk for this, bar none, are:

Dr. Ben Adkins
Don Wilson
Brad Spencer
Dennis Becker

Honestly….these folk walk the walk they talk….
and what they teach is brilliant. I’m currently
doing stuff in various niches that are outside
my IM sphere….and yep, it’s coming along

Thus in a nutshell – Do, or do not.

There is no try. ๐Ÿ™‚

And onto today!

First off, expect some headsup from me regarding
email marketing and video. Woot!

And generate a smile with:

Ancient Cats


And onto today!

This released last week but the price is still
yummy! Looking for a way to increase your
earnings via gigs sites?

If so, lookie here!

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(and you’ll love the OTO – it’s software that
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And did you see:

Brief, pithy and to the point.

Want definitive proof of software that
helps skyrocket your Youtube traffic?

Well then!

PRIVATE Custom Video for MY list only!

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What: software that streams laser targeted visitors for FREE.

To the tune of HUUUGE…..bunches.

PRICE: Super Dime Sale.

WHY PART II: Last month, this exact system
helped a 54 year old woman do the impossible.

She had ZERO internet
marketing experience…

And eventually generated over 1 million targeted visitors

Per *month*. NOT YEARS.


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Don’t forget yesterdays:

Looking for a simple easy way to generate
mobile mockups for offline businesses?

If so, you’ll love:

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to enable anyone (even technically challenged)
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What’s that?

Easy list building you want instead?

Well then!

Special headsup for those people want a list,
have a list, or desire to make more *from* their list.

Alessandro (author of Pinterest Party and other
goodies) has just released his latest.

It’s a comprehensive case-study
of his *own* personal experiences….

With steadily *growing* his list.


Increasingly *profiting* from his list.

(getting interested yet)?

Well then!

| oOo ==> Increased eMail Marketing Profits Case Study| http://askbling.com/kachinga

Now, I’ve been watching Alessandro ever since
he bought my products back in October of 2011….
he’s a *Classic* case of someone who reads, learns,
and then *does*.

The product he just released includes
4 pdfs:

1.) Bonus 1, How to Search for Affiliate Offers
(with screen shots)

2.) Bonus 2, the products he research and
chose to promote to his list

3.) eMail Catalogue (all of his newsletters so you
can see how he built a rapport with his audience)

and most importantly…

List Ka-ching!

What is SO tremendous about this (it really is)
is that Alessandro *shows* you, step by step,
just how he:

* Came up with ideas for his squeeze page

* Made SUPER bonuses (he shows you how!)

* Built his list

* Communicated with his list

* Increased his profits


It’s definitely a true hidden gem out there.

One you do NOT want to miss.

See, instead of simply offering theory, Alessandro
proactively *shows* you just how he…did it all.

And his upsell is rather grand – he researched out
400 affiliate products that offer 100% commission!

Think of the time *that* saves….

So if you’d like to read Real World Action
That Produces Fantastic Results:

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And speaking of leads:


Ever wish you could totally leap to the
front place of affiliate contests?

An easy way to do this, of course, is to
get your offer out in front of people who
want to BUY.


| oOo ==> Hot Leads Found By This EASY….| http://awpt.co/wj3YJ?e=

I confess, I *LOVE* products like this….because
it shows you how to use Google to zero in on people
who have ALREADY shown their interest in the topic.

This goodie includes:

* 5 Over-the-shoulder videos

* PDF Blueprint

* Done For You Copy/Paste Tools

* 6 Bonus Methods

* Instructions for Outsourcing

But whats REALLY cool is the OTO –
its software that automates finding those people….
for you.


So if getting more affiliate sales entices you…

| oOo ==> Did you catch that ‘instructions for outsourcing’?
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Or squeeze pages!

Tell me now, and tell me honestly.

What do YOU think of when you create

Do you say, Yee HAH! I can build a squeeze
page WOOHOO!

Or do you shudder quietly and decide to
put it off as long as possible?a

If so, not to fear – get a coolio look at:

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This is now the 2.0 version of the
extremely well-received 1.0 version…
and makes building squeeze pages super
easy indeed!

Thus, if building your list with easy-to-make
squeeze pages is

| oOo ==> Developers license also available!| http://awpt.co/xMUzi?e=


Remember my wonderful Tumblr Beginners Guide
over at
http://barbaraling.com/shows/byte/ ?

Well, for the past 2 weeks I’ve been autoblogging
over at


and while I haven’t set up the sidebar yet….

Yep. All that content – automatically generated
without me lifting a finger.

This Saturday’s launch I’ll be showing you all –
it’s an advanced method of autoblogging but I found
the newbie way to make it REALLY simple instead.

And get this – the method…is *free*. No premium
tools needed!


Don’t forget (ending soon!)

Looking for a comprehensive how-to about
creating webinars that deliver HUGE amounts of
income to you?

Jason Fladlien has just released:

==> Webinar Pitch Secrets ($20 off!)


This goodie gives you dozens of the superb tips
Jason uses himself to pack his webinars and incite
the members to buy buy buy….. AND (get this!)
it’s $20 off!

And did you see:


Wanna know what created the above? IT now
has 50 comments!

I made this coffee wordsearch VERY easily indeed
with this brand new software (less than $8!):

| oOo ==> Can customize colors, words,puzzle grid….

| http://askbling.com/visawp

And yes, Oprah’s FB page really did use the concept!


(That’s from her OWN page – Oprah Winfrey Network). Cool!

Anywhos! I tested out the software as you can see with
my own coffee image…and you can see the number of
comments and interactions it generated!

So if you’d like an easy way to engage your FB/Pinterest/Social fans….

| oOo ==> Viral Generator At Your Fingertips!

| http://askbling.com/visawp

That about covers it for this moment’…woot!
Hope your day goes peachy…and I’ll be certain

to touch base with you this afternoon
with whatever wootness crosses me desk!

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Fun!


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