Screen Capture Cash (nice!), Mothers Day brunch (nice!), Curation (nice!), more (nice!), Linked Fixed (nice!)


| oOo ==> Screen Capture Cash


| WHY: Superb report on how the profitable ways
| you can make your affiliate links stand out, your pins glorious, more!




Well, I’m assuming it’s evening. I’m writing
this at 1pm today; I plan on going on massive
shutdown this afternoon and for once and for
all…getting rid of this virus!!
If you celebrate Mothers Day, hope your
day was grand! Mine sure was (except for
the massive amounts of non-health. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

How ’bout you?

Got lots to share but first:

==> Mother’s Day Bruch!

Would love to hear your comments!

And onto today before I collapse in a heap again….

I had mentioned this to you last month, but it
bears repeating again!

| oOo ==> Screen Capture Cash

Now…let me show you why!

First…lookie at my status update regarding Dr. Ben
Adkins’ launch at 11am.

==> Biggest Launch in WF History!

QUICK!!!! Visit the link I provide and tell me.

From where did I get the original image?

You won’t find it on the site….

Yep. It’s a screen capture!

Next, oh heck, lookie at yesterday’s Pinterest

==> Underground Pinterest Test Labs!

That’s a screen capture too!

Now, look at the step-by-step goodness I reveal in

==> Book 3 – The Pinning Games!

Oh wait, that’s launching on Tuesday. But
trust you me….screen captures! I build ALL
me WSOs with screen captures and my customers
LOVE ’em.

Did I mention I use screen captures all over the place?

That’s why you WANT to buy

| oOo ==> Screen Capture Cash

The price is still insanely low (but increasing!). Folks
have been asking me to write such a product – Gerry
does it in grand style and I can highly recommend it
indeed. Woot!

Oh, one more application for screen captures:

Yep…you can pin ’em too! ๐Ÿ™‚

And don’t forget this mornings (LINKED FIXED)

Want you a way to add clickable links to YouTube

If so,

| oOo ==> Youtube Clickable Link Secret

looks intriguing – it shows you a rather
clever trick to embed clickable links
to your YouTube videos. Neat (especially
considering how cost-conscious it is!)

Next, would you like a nicely-sized
PLR Word document about 92 ways to
monetize your blog?

If so,

==> 92 Ways To Monetize Your Blog

is grand – a 30-odd page Word document
you can slice and dice into autoresponder messages,
blog posts, free gifts and more. Woot!

And don’t forget yesterdays:

Do you like gathering and sharing
grand resources on your blog/site?
If so, you’re going to *love*
| oOo ==> Curasoft Curator Blogging Software
This is a comprehensive curation software
that offers both a free and paid version….woot!
It provides you with multiple content sources
to cover all the buzz in your niche….nice!

Next, want an easy way to build mobile sites
with tap-to-talk, sliding menus and more?

If so,

==> MobiOMatic!

Lets you create grand professional mobile sites in less
than 5 minutes that you can turn around and sell.


Do you do FB fan pages for people OTHER
than businesses? If so,

| oOo ==> 100 Done For You FB Timeline Covers

is quite nifty indeed – 100 highquality background
photos you can use with free tools like

and make your own. Woot! (Btw, I love that cover creator…
it makes adding text a snap!).

Next, have you seen me latest Evil Magician
viral covers? I’ll be sharing them at

==> Evil FB Magician Returns!

Evil Facebook Magician Launches Soon – Here be me spotlights!

Lots of fun they are to create…. ๐Ÿ™‚

That about covers it for Sunday morning ……yay!

Stay healthy and I’ll touch base with you this afternoon
with whatever wootness crosses me desk.

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Turn Chaos Into Simplicity

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