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So it’s the day before 2014 swings around!
And I’d bet that right now, good ‘ole Santa
has wrapped up his sleigh and showered
his mooses with carrots and is buckling
down to prepare the best of 2014 to come.

Can’t you imagine it? After all, heading to
3,283,492,599 plus a wee bit more of households
probably takes months and months of planning.

We’re talking logistics, flight paths, ensuring
he doesn’t encounter any stray Amazon drones
delivering the latest of white iPhones that ungrateful
children then whine about on Tumblr because they’re
lacking gold-plated encrusted diamond covers, right?

And my gosh, the weather! I’d bet that Santa is
tuned straight into Yoda’s consciousness and has
to accurately predict the weather, wouldn’t you?
Planning and scheduling and delivering all those
gifts would be tough enough without having to
fly through tornadoes, snow storms and the odd
freefall of meteors.

Yep. In a word, lots and lots of planning simply
MUST go into the production of Christmas 2014!

You know….

It’s almost like product creation.

*Quality* product creation, I mean.

The kind where every part is executed precisely
and beautifully and end up delivering 6 figure
launches. Those are my kind of launches, you know…
and I’d bet they’re yours too, right? (C’mon, I
can see you nodding there!).

Well, if you’ve never yet hit that level of product
creation goodness, I want you to seriously consider
the following premium mastermind class (and yep, it’s not cheap
but I’m about to give you a 1K discount plus an
awesome bonus):

| ==> Digital Product Creation Lab (take off 1K! with
| coupon drbenvip!
| http://askbling.com/drdpl

Not only is it led by two marketing powerhouses –
my coach, Dr. Ben Adkins and Los Silva – but members of
this group are well known for hugely profitable
6 figure launches as well.

You’ve seen them time and time again and
guess what. He’s my coach so I’ve experienced
first hand how his methods just plain *work*.

But even more so – buy through my link,
send me your receipt and I will grant you
access to my paid 2014 Mastermind program
that will retail at $197/month (or 2K a year)!

It’s a Tax Deduction too!

It sure is premium, and it sure is
worth it. You’ll see that and more when you
check it out. And like Santa, it’s the gift
that just keeps on giving. The returns…

Well, they’re just plain immense.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

P.S. The doors are only open for a limited time. And there’s
zero guarantee you’ll ever get another chance. Skipping out means
you’ll stay stagnant. I like success, don’t you?

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