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Good morning!

It’s Monday morning….and while I’m feeling
*massively* shaky, methinks today should go
well. Giving oneself permission to sleep….
a very wise idea!

How was your weekend? Over here in LingLand,
Honorable Son 1 decided that instead of buying
a Harry Potter wand, he’d make one himself.

And thus emerged:


You can see a picture of it at


Gotta love kids!!

And onto today…expect from me several headsup
about Pinterest and other things. The Pinterest

This is cutting edge software that lets you
automate marketing your Amazon products to
Pinterest in a safe format.
Stay tuned!


If you’re into PLR, this is really nice.

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This HUGE package comes with:

* done for you sales page!

* editable headers/footers/graphics

* minisite template

* 20 (!) Online efficiency reports in 20 different topics


Good stuff indeed.

And did you see:

One of the best ways to grab offline customers is
to reach them thru the profitability potential of
*mobile*. It’s hotter than Monopoly at its

That’s why:

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is so much fun to implement –
we’re talking

* Infographics
* Voiceover Marketing Video
* Mobile Reviews
* Mobile Recommendations
* VIP clubs
* Squeeze pages
* Facebook Squeeze pages
* Landing Page Portfolio for 80 niches!


Honestly, the ideas shared here….
awesomely wootilicious indeed!

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Don’t forget yesterdays:

Ever want 50+ squeeze pages professionally
done for you…at onlay $5? If so:

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is definitely a must-see – the artist, Cindy Ramsey,
runs a very professional graphics site and this
is a great example of her quality. Nice!


This has been around for a bit but is still
a great investment!

You know how all websites these days should have privacy
policies, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimers and all that?

Want a copy/paste goodie from a legal attorney?
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This includes:

1. Anti-Spam Policy

2. Copyright Notice

3. Disclaimer: multi-discipline professional disclaimers

4. DMCA Compliance

5. Federal Trade Commission Compliance: a proprietary FTC page ready to accommodate March 2012 guidelines

6. Privacy Policy: Google and DoubleClick DART, etc.

7. Terms of Service and Conditions of Use: with inter- and intra-page
redundancy, Contra Preferentum provision, reservation of rights,
exclusive social media admonition (been following the Facebook

8. Social Media Disclaimer: BRAND NEW! Building on the
generalized warning (social media admonition) in the TOS and COU doc
above, there’s now a more full-bodied caution to website visitors. The
author predicts there will ongoing and escalating issues (which
ultimately end up in court) over social media. The LAST thing we want is
for someone to say we didn’t exercise due care in casting a warning
before engaging ANY social media or similar interface on our sites. YOU SAW IT HERE FIRST!

So if you’ve been looking for quality legal forms you
can include in your website, definitely check out:

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Unlimited, personal use on your sites, client sites, flipped
sites, etc!

What’s that? Angry Birdies you like better?

Well then!

This is still hugely relevant today;
last year I wrote the product

| oOo ==> Step by step screenshots!

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As you know, AngryBirds is a very very
popular game these days….and sites like
Amazon and others make it super-simple
to profit from it on your site!

This nifty product shows you exactly
how to incorporate AngryBirds in whatever
niche you might use….and the OTO is a
hand-picked collection of over 50 diverse
niches with direct links to the Angry Birdies
merchandise. Woot!

So if you want to take advantage of the Angry
Birds popularity….

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Speaking about niche keywords….

Ever wish you had 23 THOUSAND easy to rank
for keywords in your possession?

If so:

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This is a spreadsheet package of those thousands
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So if you want build gorgeously profitable Affiliate Sites….

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What’s that?


Looking for some great gift ideas….that gives YOU
PLR videos you can use, products with great gift
commissions and more?

If so:

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is just plain HUGE – hundreds of exact match
keyword domain ideas, videos, PLR articles and
more. NICE!

And did you see this great image goodie:

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What I like about this goodie is that not only does
it make editing images really simple…it gives you a
launchpad from which you can post your viral images
to all properties via 1 click.

AND…the abiltity to ZERO IN ON copyright free images
too *automatically*.


And about SEO going byebye…


Hope you enjoy!

That about covers it for this moment’…woot!
Hope your day goes peachy…and I’ll be certain

to touch base with you this afternoon
whatever goodness crosses me desk!

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Turn Chaos Into Simplicity

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