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| oOo ==> Marlon Sander’s Latest –
| Get Started Fast, Guaranteed!
| WHY: The man is a legend, walks the walk he talks
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Brief, pithy and to the point:
Marlon Sanders has done:
$3.7+ Million in Sales
2,826,874 Website Visitors
74+ Products Created
199,500 email subscribers
28,345 Affiliates Recruited —
| See how HERE
Here’s one reason to listen:
For 7 years, more or less, I lived
what I call the 30-minute workday.
Here’s a joke I tell my friends with a
bit of truth in it: I read that book
the Four Hour Work Week. It’s really good.
Only thing is, I realized that if I applied it,
I’d have to work another 3 hours a week!
| 30 minute work day?
Really, most days I had about 30 minutes
or sometimes an hour of real work to do.
Everything else happened like clockwork.
I see a lot of marketers now claiming to
have been in this business since 1996, or 1998.
Which is fine. The thing I have that other
marketers don’t during all those years is
a record of sales of $20,000, $30,000,
$40,000 and $50,000 a month, month
after month, year after year beginning
in 1998, and significant online sales before that.
I wasn’t on the internet.
I was SELLING on the Internet.
And that’s a huge difference.
| Catch that difference?
And not only that, I lived the lifestyle
working from home for most of that
time. I didn’t get an office until a
few years ago and even now,
I’ve gone back to my virtual office.

I have lived the 30-minute workday
for many years and created dozens of
systems over that time period….
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Marlon is one of the most
trusted marketers out there….
simply because compared to
the hypeNFroth Wannabees….

He delivers. Grab it today!

Grow strong,

Barbara Learn from the best Ling

ps – Simplicity rocks!

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