[ Really Satisfying Stories ] ==> Part 1: Why I Lost Everything When Google Slapped Me in 2005

| oOo ==> If I knew then…what I am about to teach now…
| Things would be SOOO Different!!!
| http://barbaraling.com/shows/rss-jedi2/
| WHY: Starting In 1 Hour – webinar about how this freely-available
| Why RSS (Really Satisfying Stories) is such a profitable benefit these days!

I’ll never forget the day.

Well, okay, that’s not quite true…instead I’ll never
forget my emotional reaction!

It happened 8 years ago and was the most devastating
end to my 250K/year career I had ever experienced.

See, back then, Google existed (all together – yay!) but
wasn’t soo much on the ball regarding search engine thingees.
And in 2004….I *broke* the Google Code. Know what that

It meant that I could rank in the top 10 for ANY keyword
imaginable. Mesothelioma lawyer – bingo, $60 per click!
Beluga caviar – yep, same thing! Can you begin to *image*
how many visitors I got?

| oOo ==> RSS would have multiplied it so much more….
| http://barbaraling.com/shows/rss-jedi2/

It was in the 10s of thousands…and every month, I’d
get checks for more than 10K from Google, more than 10K
from Amazon, more than 10K from eBay…..

It was heaven! Until Google noticed! And deindexed my
100s of sites! Thus sending my income….to 0! But you know

If I had known then…what I do NOW….. sure, it would
still be quite depressing but I would have been able to
switch my income around sooo much easier.

That something….involves Really Simple Stories. Otherwise
known as RSS….and let me tell you, *simple* doesn’t begin
to describe it.

Did you know….RSS is involved with just about everything
you do online?

If you have a blog or site…you have an RSS feed (one
you can monetize!).
If you have a FB page…yep….you have an RSS feed too!
Something you can use to automatically send your updates
to 100s of sites online… *automatically*.

And the best thing is…it’s free!

I reveal 6 excellent RSS techniques over
at the Webinar replay of:

| oOo ==> I make it so simple….a middle schooler could use it.
| http://barbaraling.com/shows/rss-jedi2/

I share the entire Google slap story (and
lots of other humor as well….you’ll hear
Moose Minor serenade my audience too)
PLUS show you lots of my own secrets
I’m doing right now that makes RSS
deliver beautifully for me!

I’d love to hear your take….this is
unique content I’ll *guarantee* no other
mentor has shared this year and you
will be amazed at how truly simple
Really Satisfying Stories can be.

And wow, I just realized I’m late in
taking my kids to IKEA so the next
chapter will have to wait until we return
with the loft beds in our pockets. But
stay tuned for the next installment
where I’ll reveal to you….the true
*key* to making RSS work for you
(or, you can find out yourself on the video

| http://barbaraling.com/shows/rss-jedi2/

Catch you later!

Barbara Love storytelling! Ling
I make marketing profitable!

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