Quick Recap: I personally made 10s of thousands of dollars from this niche via Amazon – it’s that popular!: [PLR} Organize Your Money with Quicken

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Hey there,

Barb Ling here and did you catch Gaz Cooper's latest?

==> Website, 50+ Done For You Affiliate Videos and more!

Yep, its the power tools page, and OMG what people buy!

And the accessories they buy!

It boggles the mind.  I should know as 'way back when, I had a power tools niche site too ...

... and every day like clockwork, I'd get $50-$387 or so simply from power tools affiliate commissions.

I even learned at that time that businesses would buy great big earth moving equipment (like clamshell buckets for, well, big earth moving equipment)

The videos themselves are:

* Getting Started with Quicken

* Navigating Quicken

* Set Up Cash on Hand

* Categorizing Transactions

* Setting Up Checking

* Categorizing Payments that Come Out of Your Account

* Tracking Reciepts

* Tracking Cash Purchases

* Is My Business Profitable

* Tracking Mileage In Quicken

* Which Version of Quicken Do I Need?

* Initial File Security Operations

* Set Up Paypal Standard

* Setting Up A Second Paypal for Business

* Working with Uncategorized Transactions

* Memorizing Payments and Payees

* Accounting for Part Business and Part Personal Transactions

* Using Mobile To Track Transactions

* Is My Data Secure?

==> And you can keep 100% of the profits!

Charles always releases high quality goodness.....

... and this increase *fast*.


Grow strong,

Barb "More Profits!" Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

PS:  Tax day is coming soon... this is perfect for your customers!http://askblings.com/officeplr

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