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It’s Monday evening and how did Monday treat you?
Me, Im earlobe deep into preparing my Saturday launch;
I decided to test out an adult marketing offer to my normal
The results were interesting indeed…and they give me
a case study I will include during the 3 week program. Woot!

Oh yes, and I also signed up for Mario Brown’s
Online Marketing Mastery thingee in May –
it’s a 5 day power convention with keynote
speakers like Frank Kern and others. Yep…
this is the year I’m taking my business to the
next level…should be interesting!

Got lots to share but first!

==> Buying a house from Fiverr Gigs!

Isn’t that incredible?

And onto today!

Price rising in 12 hours!

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Whats that? You want FB goodness instead?

Well then!

Editor’s Note – Mark alerted me to the fact that any
day now, he will be closing the below and increasing the
price bigtime (his next launch is soon so that’s understandable).
If you haven’t grabbed it at the current low price yet, do
so now! — Barbara Ling


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Las month, I got my hands on the WP4FB plugin and
my gosh…if you’re at ALL interested in getting your FB
page to go viral, *get this*.

This plugin is for those folk who want to go beyond
simply importing their website into their FB tab.

What is allows you INCLUDES:


This is a super-cool feature that lets you specify
a viewer must have referred X number of friends
to like your page before the bonus is revealed to


==> It does a lot more than that too…
| http://awpt.co/fARPU?e=


And about that adult thingee….

Well, you don’t see this very often.

But in keeping
with my promise to alert you to things you’ll probably
NOT see from other marketers that have profit
potential….keep reading!

Think – 3 *times* the page views of CNN or ESPN.

30% of Internet traffic…goes to adult sites.

Did you know that?


Want to profit from it via CPA?

Well then!

| oOo ==> CPA offers in an, ahem, evergreen, market!
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THis gives you:

* The best sources to buy traffic

* Proven offers that convert well

* The 4 different kinds of landing pages (and when
to use which!)

* How to Scale


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Don’t forget this mornings:

Like creating gigs on Fiverr?

Then you will SWOON at this:

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This is *gorgeous* software that allows you
to upload 20 gigs at a time. And if you’re into
Fiverr….you *know* the amount of time such
a thing takes when you do it by hand!

But the OTO….

That (which is DIMESALE btw)…

your gigs!

Can you get simpler than *that* sort of automation?

And if you have gigs that require manual fulfillment,
you’ll be automatically notified of that as well.


So if you want to take your Fiverr income to the
very next level yesterday:

| oOo ==> Push Button Fiverr Gig-Creating Software!
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Don’t forget yesterdays:

Brief, pithy and to the point:

You know that videos are hugely
popular these days….but what if you do
NOT want to get on camera?

Not to fear! Because the following goodie
just came out earlier:

| oOo ==> 200+ royalty free images, music loops, more!
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Look what you get!

* Guidebook, step by step!

* 5 ready made Powerpoint
slide show video presentation templates with pre formatted image and
text transitions and effects and timings

* A
PDF analysing and explaining every point of the presentation , why you
add each point and how that is used psychologically to get the desired
action from your visitor.
* 200+ Images (A minimum of 20 in each of 10 niches)
* All
Images have been researched under the Creative Commons 2.0 and 3.0
licence and can be used commercially. A full list of the names of the
photographers and the sites the images have been taken from are included
so the correct attribution can be given.

* 139 Tips (A minimum of 10 for each niche) which can go into your presentations
* 100 text sentences/questions aligned with the tips for each niche (10 for each niche)
* MORE!!

The upsell provides you actual software
to help you make videos quicker and easier
so you can produce and monetize videos….
quicker than ever before.


So if FINALLY getting into video marketing
and taking advantage of that platform entices you…

| oOo ==> Did I mention the done-for-you powerpoints too?
| http://askbling.com/ytww

Be alert – this Friday I’m releasing a 3 week
power course for extremely effective email marketing….
I cleared 23K during the month of February.
And yes, I’ll be sharing my secrets!


If you want to master FB marketing…lookie here!
| oOo ==> Jumpstart Power program
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By following Don’s advice, my moose page is now
close to 30K…and my other niche page…66K!

The man definitely walks the walk he talks.

He shows you EXACTLY how to monetize your
fanpages so your income goes up and up!

And he’s sooo spot on with:

It doesn’t matter how little you pay for clicks…
it matters what you DO with those clicks.
This shows you how to create viral funnels,
create HUGELY interactive communities
and more!!
| oOo ==> Live coaching too!!
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This price is rising toon!

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| (make SURE to get the upsell – that automates all the content creation!


Notice how weird some of my links

That’s because I’m using

==> aWeber Pro Tools

This is an add-on tool that allows users
to segment their lists further into tags,
niches and the like. That way, you can
build NICHE lists as well as PRODUCT
customer lists, squeeze page lists and
more. I’ve found it EXTREMELY helpful –
learned about it in

Autoresponder Madness:

A hugely sound course I bought back in
January….really smart ideas are shared!

And finally, this just crossed my desk and yep,
I’m late:

YouTube Wheel:

It gives you just what you need to
create *niche* videos:

* Powerpoint Presentation Templates

* Video Creation Step-By-Step Guide

* 200+ Images (All Royalty Free)

* Niche Content

* Music Loops


That about covers it for now…woot!
I’ll be sure to touch base with you bright
and early tomorrow with whatever goodness
crosses my desk!

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Fun!


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