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It’s Thursday evenin’ and Moose Minor….is wearing
the cone of shame. Yes indeed, he has an open sore
that needs to heal….poor moosie! I’ll be posting
pix to FB tomorrow….do send him good healing wishes,
Got tons of goodness to share so let’s get to it!

Crave bunches and bunches of traffic that converts?

If so,

| oOo ==> Media Traffic Torrents (no OTO)

This is an extremely popular product (it’s
flying off the shelves it is) on how to drive dirt-cheap
US traffic that converts to your pages. Nice!

And you! Hey you! Wanna BIG list? Well then,
lookie here!

| oOo ==> Increase your list size beautifully!


What is beyond insanity gorgeous about this is
that it makes it sooo easy to create floating list
optins that draw attention in a very unobtrusive
I have it installed on my site and the configuration
is simple, the usage is simple……just plain WOW!

Next, it’s time for Reason #3! 3 I say, 3!

REASON #3.) Feeder FB Pages To Your Membership

| oOo ==> How To Get Monthly Payments w/FB Groups

This is something I LOVED from the tutorials….
you learn how to create feeder pages from FB
to increase your paying membership count.

And don’t forget – price will make the second increase
on Friday, so grab it now before it goes up!

Speaking of FB…wanna see their ads exposed?

If so:

==> Facebook Ads Exposed

Up-to-date training that covers the changes
FB has made – definitely something to explore
if that floats your coffee cup.

And traffic OUTSIDE of FB?

Want to learn all about the insider tips
for solo ads – ie, how to drive traffic
that converts to your pages?

If so:

| oOo ==> Solo Ads Secrets

Super training on all the aspects of solo
ads – I’ve done them myself and they can
convert extremely well.


If you do video marketing, you’re going to love this!

| oOo ==> PLR Music Tracks!

You can never have too much music for making
videos (trust me on this, I know)…and this
appears to be *quite* the steal.

What’s that? You want a list of 300 IM tools
at your fingertips?

If you’re into:
* Audio
* Graphics
* Video
* Social Media
* Web
* Google Tools
* Site Design
* Business
* Marketing

Either as an expert OR as a newbie….

| oOo ==> 50+ Subcategories in order!


The bonus (which I actually would pay for)
is a complete mind-map of all 300+ products…..

Talk about having everything at your fingertips!!
This includes resources to both free (if you’re just
starting out) AND paid (for when you realize that
spending money on your business is a smart thing
And that be it for me! 🙂

Hope your day went peachy…and I’ll be certain

to check in this afternoon with

whatever wootness crosses me desk!

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Turn Chaos Into Simplicity

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