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It’s Saturday evening and very enjoyable
time was had with the family. Took the kids to
see the movie The Hobbit….and it certainly did
crystallize for me just how important it is to
look out for others and pay things forward.

Got lots to share but first!

Reindeer Xing!


And onto today!

As you might have seen, today’s goodie was
Social Curation Ignition….it shows a nifty use
for Pinterest for:


You’ve heard of Social Curation, right? Its
THE popular way now of attracting quality free
traffic easily.
Have you heard of Pinterest too? Facebook?
Other social platforms?
Tell me now….
Did you ALSO know that Pinterest is the 3rd
LARGEST social media platform these days…
and your clients’ customers are ALREADY on it?
==> Social Curation Ignition
And it’s so easy to do – you could be adding huge
offline checks to your business by implementing these
And best of all – you learn a step-by-step
plan to take advantage of this goodness!
(and my gosh, the OTO – I electrified
120+ sharable gorgeous images, AND provided you
with 155+ done-for-you eClass templates in 155+

niches at an insanely low cost!)

It’s grand for overall traffic generation:

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If you’re into mobile marketing, you’re going to be
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You might be aware of Pinterest and how huge it is…
but did you realize it’s perfect for mobile marketing too?
Pinterest is visual and really lends itself to social
curation! And because so many people now access
the Internet on their mobile devices….this idea
will make your mobile marketing *rock*.

We’re talking QUALITY VIRAL TRAFFIC….zero cost.
AND…it’s waiting for you to use to build your mobile list!

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Next, want you 65 yummy PLR goodies at only $14.97
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This is the Wacky Central Xmas goodie….
and it’s truly a no-brainer to building up your
2013 offerings!

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What’s that?

SEO you crave?

Well then, this is COOL!

==> SEO Resurrection!

You’ve heard about the GOOGLE disavow update?

Well, this software lets you discover all the spammy or non-existant
backlinks to your sites – and have Google remove them for good with the new
disavow tool that Matt Cutts announced.


And don’t forget yesterdays:

I’m SURE this will be on repeat – did you catch:

Very quickly: want a super simple way to
zero in on paying offline clients?

This zero-cost webinar is being put on
by Jason Fladlien and Jack Mize (offline classifieds
expert) so you *know*….goodies are going to
be revealed!

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Again, this is a zero cost webinar…..and
it will end up giving you some nifty ideas
you can take zoomingly along to the bank.

Whats that? PLR you crave?

I’m always thrilled whenever Ms. Motivation releases her
offline PLR packs…and this is no different!

If so:

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This goodie comes in two delicious options –
one, the basic, with the lead gen report, the editable
ecover and squeeze page, and the next, which includes:

* 2 Lead Gen Reports

* 5 Part Autoresponder Sequence

* 2 Professional 27 slide Powerpoint Presentations


So if Done For You Offline PLR flaps YOUR earlobes:

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This went live and is rising fast:

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This is an extremely cool package that makes it wonderfully
simple for you to create awesome viral images to
share on FB and pinterest…..thus driving trafficto your site and more.

We’re talking traffic to affiliate links, your own
products, your FB pages and more!

I’ve been using these techniques myself…
and they’re *grand*. AND….

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What’s that?

You want PLR images instead?

Well then!

Brief, pithy and to the point!

Want over a thousand PLR images?

If so!

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I noticed earlier the WSO was closed when the author
was asked about permissions and such…but it looks
like he now has all the documentation required!
Plus, the majority of naysayers have now retracted
their comments, so it certainly appears the real

Thus, if you’d like some nifty images you can
use again and again…

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Do you do offline?

If so:

I LOVE WP themes like this!!

Want to beef up your offline marketing portfolio?

Feast your eyes on:

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This comes with:

* Call To Action Number on Top

* Powerful Relatable Headline

* Needs/Benefits Video

* Easy Optin Form

* PLR Confidence Generating Report

* Blog and Legal Page Footer

* Super Easy Customization!

So if you’d like to increase your bottom line
for 2013…

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That about covers it for this moment’…woot!
Hope your day goes peachy…and I’ll be certain

to check in with you bright and early tomorrow
with whatever wootness crosses me desk!

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Fun!


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