Part 6 ==> I *just* received this email…guess how I responded!

| oOo ==> It’s where the magic happens!
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Hey there,

It’s now Monday afternoon and can you believe,
in less than 24 hours I’ll be giving my first
web class about Power eMail marketing!

But you want to know the interesting email *I*
just received?

Check this out:

…Because of you I’m now starting to question my direction to release IM
product to the warrior forum.

I’m tempted to sign up for eMail Marketing Phoenix but I don’t want to
change my direction and momentum yet again.

So what do you think is eMail Marketing Phoenix for me? Do I need to take
some time and release some products on the WF and get that under my belt?
Or should I sign up for eMail Marketing Phoenix and down the road I’ll
look back and see that as being the pivot of my IM career? 🙂

| oOo ==> Give yourself permission to *believe* in yourself

I love emails like this, because I always see such
questions as the pivotal point in one’s career.

And here’s how I answered:

…Thanks for your email!

What works for one person does NOT
necessarily work for another….so alas,
I cannot tell you what to do. 🙂

That being said, you need to find the
direction within yourself and give yourself
permission to say, YES. I will choose
path XYZ and see it thru until either
I see success or I realize it just doesn’t

EMP would be for you if you’re willing to
commit building your list/following the path.

It is NOT for you if you think you’ll simply
abandon it after a few days.

Every person reaches that point where they
say, Enough is ENOUGH.

That’s when the magic happens….

Ah….that’s when the magic happens.

Because YOU know yourself BEST.

You see, one of the things I always shy away
from is trying to convince someone who is
on the fence…because that needs to come
from *within*.

Of *course* releasing products on the Warrior
Forum is a *Tremendous* way to build one’s
list… and if the person does decide to join,
s/he will be given all the tips I wish I had
known prior to creating 2 launches every week!

See, unless you have a product like this eMail
Marketing Phoenix 3 week immersion goodie,
some things you’ll ONLY learn through trial and

For example, back then…I had NO clue about
creating Thru the Keyhole lists (I’ll be mentioning
it tomorrow but truly focusing on it during during
Week 2) WHILE creating my buyer’s list. Oh,
if only I knew about that then!!

And about buyer’s lists….did you know that you
can build 2 or 3 buyers’ lists every week…without
releasing a product yourself?

Yep. That’s another thing I never realized
was possible (she said during those willy-nilly
product creation times!). But its one of the first
secrets I’ll be sharing tomorrow at 10am!

Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to have
100s of people sign up for my training of
course! It will truly change your life no matter
*what* niche you’re in – online, offline and
everything in between!

But I cannot take ownership of someone *elses*
life change. Well, I *can*….but I don’t want to
deprive people of that beautiful self-realization.

That…has to come from within!

So if you’re ready to leap to the next level
with eMail marketing….and see your income grow
beautifully to boot….

Get in now before the the price doubles tomorrow.

| oOo ==> Did I mention it includes my templates too?

And I’ll see you…on the inside.

Grow strong,

Barbara Make It Grow! Ling

I Make Marketing Profitable!

OH YES! One more thing – want a peek into
the inside?

==> Welcome all!

You’ll love what you earn!

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