Part 5 ==> The Star Trek Replicator at your fingertips

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| oOo ==> The Star Trek Replicator at your fingertips
| BENEFITS: Products, upsells, yours
| on a silver platter!

Hey there,

Have you ever watched Star Trek?

I myself adore The Next Generation
(TNG) and Deep Space 9 (DS9)
but you know a really cool aspect
to the series?

The food replicators!

Can you *imagine* how magnificent
it would be if you could instantly
get hot fresh coffee at the push of
a button (even minus the tribbles)?

Cue the angelic music….

I remember when I returned to
IM back in 2011. Life had just
kicked me in the teeth and I
was determined to bounce back
faster than 2987492 Super Balls!

I won’t bore you with the
soul-searing agonizing trek
of character-building I embarked
on, but I will tell you this.

What would have made it
SO MUCH SIMPLER would have
been access to over PLR of not
only the following but ALL of
the upsells AND the sales pages?

| oOo ==> 50+ proven master products!

Heck, imagine if you were me
back then… but YOU were smarter
than me and invested in the above!!

You’d have sales funnels laid out
for you, you’d have sales pages
you could copy….

Most importantly, you’d be able

| oOo ==> Put them up on JVzoo with YOUR name!

And… you get ’em ALL.

For an astonishingly low single price.

Talk about replication of profits!!

Not only can you claim these goodies

(btw, did I mention sales pages
are included too?)

You can also use them to teach
*yourself* how the truly successful
IM marketers… do it.

| Price increasing with every sale…


How ’bout:

You could repackage each one,
one week at a time, and sell it on
jvzoo under a different name.

You could take each one, break it
into smaller components, and sell
them all on udemy under different names.

You could re-release them as
clickbank products.

Create your own line of products
on your own website, you could create
a or a or a type of site.

I could go on and on with ideas…..

| Authority products, training products, how-to products…

Honestly.. .it’s HUGE.

And because this is a solo
offer, buy thru my link and
receive my very own:

WarriorForum/ Profit Plan

which shows you how to use
forums to build your authority
and grow your bottom line!

Sounds good?

I think so – these are quality
IM products where YOU can claim
the rights to.

Grab it today!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

| oOo ==> Reuse, repurpose… it’s all here!

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