Part 2 – [SOCIAL ] Profit with OTHER people’s FB page content: Like you’ve never considered before

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Editor’s note – Did you know that every Facebook fanpage has its

OWN RSS feed? So you can build a DIGG-site of niche FB fan

page sites…and include your OWN optin/ads
on each page? Read on…..– Barbara

| oOo ==> Covert Social Press (think of this for Social curation)
| WHY: LIVE and my bonus too! Grab it before the price
| increases – you can gather all the popular Youtube feeds,
| build a DIGG-site out ’em and have your OWN optins show up!
| (make SURE to get the upsell – that automates all the content creation!

Earlier, this went live (note – the sales copy is NOT slanted
to FB curation, but have no fear – it’s PERFECT for it!)

| oOo ==> Benefit from 1-step curating other’s FB content!

Here’s why this is grand.

See, the theme allows you to curate a niche site via FB that

looks like a DIGG type of site….

AND…the plugin lets you automatically populate said
site with whatever feed you’d like.

Think: Facebook Fan page feeds!

For example my DailyWSOs feed is:


Look at this.

That was generated randomly from my Daily WSOS
FB page.


==> *Notice my optin on the right???*

Pause for a moment, aye?

Think about….

Your FB page.

Your FAVORITE FB pages

Power marketers FB pages.

What if you were to gather the feeds to all those channels…..
and instantly build a DIGG like site for them?

The possibilities are limitless!

| oOo ==> Covert Social Press (you can include video channels too!)

But get this.

I’ve used this plugin myself to build a site
in LESS than 13 minutes (drop me a line
for that info).

Then I took 2 extra minutes and added that
spiffy optin that shows up in EVERY page.

And if you get the upsell (the plugin that
automates everything)…..your site will
become *autoupdating*.

Meaning, say, your niche is marketing….
your site grows on its own and when others
submit *their* marketing content….they

Building your site FOR you!

And you know what the autoupdating
means, right?

The pages….getting into Search
Engines AND…..

Getting new members/signups so the community….
creates the content.

And you’re going to LOVE my bonus:

I will give you a PDF that has MY OWN ways
of building these sorts of sites.

So simple it will boggle your earlobes!!!

It will be a brief, pithy, USEFUL cheatsheet
of LESS than 5 pages so you can IMMEDIATELY
get your site up and running in no time flat.


Grab it now at

| oOo ==> Covert Social Press True Automated Gamechanger

And ensure you tie down your socks.

‘Cause they’re going to be blown away!

Grow strong,

Barbara Be The First!! Ling
I Make Marketing Profitable

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