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| ==> EComfinity! (selling physical products with:)
| BENEFITS: Dr. Ben Adkins’ latest: how
| to sell physical products the *smart* way.
| Nice!

Brief, pithy and to the point!

Oooo, Dr. Ben’s latest!

| ==> EComfinity!

In a nutshell, check out his

…then I first started selling physical
products online, it was extremely intimidating.
I had a ton of questions floating around
my head, and no idea how to answer them…

– What should I sell?

– How much would it cost me to order my initial inventory?

– How much should I charge my customers for it?

– Will my customers buy this and pay the price that I want?

– How do I get my product in front of customers?

– What happens if I mess something
up and get stuck with a bunch of inventory?

| ==> See the solutions!

– If I do pick a good product,
how can I find a good supplier?

These are only a handful! With no
way to answer any of them, I had no
choice but to jump in with two feet.

And… well… let’s just say this cost
me a lot of money in testing and trying things out.

It was an expensive education.
But after working in ecommerce
and selling physical products, I
started to see how to cut corners –
without sacrificing the quality of what I was doing.
As a matter of fact, over time I’ve
gotten so good at starting physical
product based brands that I don’t
even have to buy inventory anymore.
Not until I’m sure that I have a product
that I can make a fortune on…

| ==> Not theory… proven!

Grab it today!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

| oOo ==> Bonuses too!

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