Part 1 ==> NEW: Paid Web Ticket Event: Authority Answers Caffeine 2.0! (price rising tomorrow…)

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| oOo ==> Authority Answers Caffeine 2.0!
| (price rising tomorrow and oh! The bonuses!)
| WHY: Private paid web ticket event where
| you will master Authority building and monetization

Brief pithy and to the point:

Quick prelaunch – Authority Answers
Paid Web Ticket Event Bootcamp will
debut soon!

Want a hard-hitting bootcamp that will
teach you how to uncover the answers
to anything your audience might ask?

| ==> Attend my Paid Web Ticket Event Friday, 9/12/14.

Things we’re going to cover are:

1.) Advanced Google Search Strategies Made Simple: We’ll go over:

All the search engine operators
and when to use what for the quickest results

The best power security communities/resources

The best power WordPress communities/resources

The best power marketing communities/resources

The best power social media communities/resources

The best power mobile communities/resources

| ==> Catch those resources?

2.) My Best Authority Strategies:
I use these to always but always
emerge as THE go-to person of choice
in any niche. It will include:

FB/FB Group Marketing Authority Strategies

eMail Marketing Authority Strategies

Product Creation Authority Strategies

| ==> Catch those strategies?

3.) Monetizing Authority (from product
launches to affiliate marketing to
list building and more!)

Tickets to this event are $97, the
lowest it will be (after I set the
date, the price will start to increase
each day until it reaches $197 and
then will zoom to $247 after the class is delivered!).

You will be able to participate live
on the call and have your questions
answered as well during the discussion
and receive my handouts plus
ask any question about:

Authority Marketing

Forum Marketing

eMail Marketing

Product Creation

Purchasers will also get a recording
of the event as well.

Not only that – attendees will ALSO
receive complimentary inclusion into
our retail $297, 3 Week Mastermind:

Authority Answers Espresso 2.0 (coming soon)!

This means if you invest today
in the bootcamp Authority Answers 2.0,
you receive the $297, 3-Week Mastermind
for free.

And not only that…. attendees will ALSO
receive a complimentary copy of my
Product Creation Espresso 2.0 3 Week
Mastermind Class (all the classes are
completed so you will be able to
access everything from the get-go!

| ==> Catch that $297 bonus?

Let me know what you think!

Grow strong,

Barbara TAKE OFF! Ling

ps – Price increasing tomorrow night!

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