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| oOo ==> Social eMail Power Marketing Blueprint
| YOUR BENEFITS – Fantastic behind the scenes
| blueprint on how to build huge lists in any niche via FB…
| and then have them deliver the profits you’ve always wanted.

Hey there,

Really good stuff is waiting!

Take Facebook.

Have you ever wondered how in the heck some of
these facebook marketers actually make money?

In the past two months I’ve seen a lot of “fads”
going around and it’s sad that most people assume
that people are just making money with facebook
selling Tshirts or stickers on their pages.

The truth that no one seems to be talking about is that
its less about a Facebook Page… and more about the
email list some of these people are building with the page.

What most people miss about these giant facebook
pages is that only about 30% of sales actually come
from traffic that originated from the page.

Did you know that?
| oOo ==> Social eMail Marketing Blueprint

70% or more of most of these guy’s sales
that they build with Facebook (no one is talking about this).

Now it’s been distilled into a course.

Ben Adkins (who is the acknowledged master of FB)
will teach you:

His Secret “RCEV Method” that he uses to Grow Facebook Pages From nothing to Thousands of Fans.

How He Spends Next To Nothing to Get the Pages Started (in any niche)

How He Grows the Page Virally using a small “Seed Audience” to spread the word in a covert way.

How he turns around and gets Thousands of People to Talk about his “Optin Page’ on Facebook.

The Secret Way that he communicates with Everyone that Signs up to His list to “Bond as he Sells”.

The 5 Part Email Sequence that is Responsible for more than 1 Million Dollars in Sales this year alone (in multiple niches)

The Secret Technique that He Uses to Grow his email list from 100-1000 people in just a week for just $9. (you can do this every week)

A Whole Lot More.

You get over 130 hours of instruction with NAMS’ top experts, more than 45 of them at one time, teaching essential business tactics to YOU for YOUR online business.

And this course is ‘waaay less than his usual offerings

If you’d like a peek behind the scenes….
definitely check it out. Highly recommended!

Grow strong,

Barbara eMail Marketing Rocks! Ling
I Make Marketing Profitable!

PS – I love learning from the best, don’t you?
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