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Good morning!

It’s Thursday morning and amazingly as one would
think….the sun rose today.

I really do want to thank everyone who reached out
to me yesterday; I didn’t respond then because quite
frankly, I was exhausted and queued the 8pm email
at around 4pm or so and gave myself permission to
just *sleep*. But again…thank you all.

10 hours or so later, got up and well…here I am!

And how has the week treated you? Anything
exciting planned? Be ready for a grand headsup
regarding mobile niche thingees later on!

I’ve got lots to share but first….

The most PERFECT Teachable Moment!


And onto today!

You know how video marketing is a grand way to
increase affiliate commissions?

And you know how sometimes…it takes bunches of
time to make these kinds of videos?

But you also know how profitable, long-term, they
can be?

Well then!


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These are extremely simple 3-5 minute videos
that have your affiliate link embedded….that
you then upload to YouTube/tube sites for
long-term passive income. Neat!

And did you see:

You know how affiliate marketers sometimes
participate in affiliate marketing contests? I’ve
won several meself these past few months.

Well, want the insiders secrets?

If so:

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Connie is *legendary* about making huge profits from
a rather small list (‘matter of fact, that was what her
talk was on when she spoke at the same Vegas event I
did at http://askbling.com/vegas !).

Things you’ll learn include:

* What to include in your emails to get optimal results

* (Author includes her exact emails for 7 of her best campaigns)

* The step-by-step thinking behind 5 figure promotions

* How to use ‘relationship marketing’ to excel as an affiliate

* Why cross promotions and bonuses will skyrocket your success

* When to use mixed media, such as audio and video, in your campaigns

* Which ‘influencers’ to connect with to build a solid business

* How some of her affiliate promotions earn her money all year long

Nice! And don’t forget:

| oOo ==> Did you catch that 5 figure comment?
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Don’t forget yesterdays:

You’ve probably heard of Paypal banning
marketers’ accounts….ever wonder what
do if that happens to *you*?

Wonder no more…


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to the rescue!

This includes:

50 Customized PayPal Letters: Here is the very same
letter that I used to get my PayPal account back within 4 hours after
mailing, including all the secret _______ email addresses… Done For
You and customized for all 50 states in the U.S. (Value: $97)

PayPal Means Business Book: An exclusive digital
copy of Neil J. Boyer’s new book, including in-depth look inside the
mysterious PayPal User’s Agreement and what it means to YOUR business.(Value: $47)

Your PayPal Cheatsheets: These handy guides are
perfect for quick reference, including What to do if your account is
limited, 15 PayPal Account Rules, and How to Set Up Your Business. (Value: $27)

Buy-Now Button Generator WP Plugins: Use these
awesome plugins in your WP blogs and sales pages to automatically
generate both PayPal and AlertPay Buy Now buttons and shopping carts. (Value: $27)

Your PayPal Protect Special Reports: 4 digital
guides with easy-to-follow images walking you through the process of
setting up your business account the RIGHT way, create and installing a
Buy Now Button anywhere, generating a monthly sales report, and how to
set up and manage invoices. (Value: $27)

Plus Much More (Bonus video trainings, Powerpoint walkthroughs, critical updates, etc.)

And don’t forget:

Like PLR?

If so, you’re going to LOVE THIS!!

If so, lookie here!
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What’s rather over the top are not only
the selections of materials presented, but
the quantity too!

We’re talking:

* Free Marketing Resource Chest

* 100 Ways To Drive MORE Traffic

* 300 Top Quotes to Help You In ANY Situation

* 100 Techniques to increase MORE Sales

* 50 Techniques to BOOST Conversions

* 50 List Building Techniques

* 50 Ways To Profit From PLR

* MORE!!!

So coool!

So! If you want to increase your list size…

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What’s that? You want Pinterest?

Well then!

As you know, I gave a talk at Dennis Becker’s
Earn1KaDay event in Vegas.

That was the first time I actually met Jason Fladlien
in person and heard him talk and my first reaction
was – my gosh, my apologies! I am *so* remiss in
not alerting you to the stable suite of quality goodies
he offers…but no more!

Do you like Pinterest?

If so, lookie here!
| oOo ==> Brilliant calls to action!
| http://askbling.com/pinproa

What I love about this is that it does NOT assume
Pinterest is your only income – instead, it gives you
an awesome WP Plugin (available for 3 or 10 or 25 installations)
that lets you engage your visitors simply, beautifully,
and *encourages* the sharing of your content wonderfully.
But first, let me set your expectations – do EVERYTHING
the sales page suggests (it has the plugin completely
integrated with it, so what you read….you can see
in action IMMEDIATELY).
So coool!

So! If you want to ramp up your shareability:

| oOo ==> WP Pin Pro
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Or FB?

Brief, pithy and to the point –

Did you know Facebook can give you
real time leads that are kinda, sorta, well,

If so:

| oOo ==> Totally untapped market via this method

| http://askbling.com/fbleadsysa

What’s cool is that you can then use FB’s api to
message the businesses you find as well.


So if real time quality leads intrigues you…

| oOo ==> Works instantly

| http://askbling.com/fbleadsysa2 Plus…

Looking to increase your sales? As you might be
aware, having a video sales letter is one of *the*
best ways to increase your conversions (I do
have to agree with that – my upsell videos
have gained fantastic conversions!).

Want the insiders tips to making YOUR
video sales letters rock?

If so:

| oOo ==> Create high converting video sales letters using a simple 6 step formula that takes about half an hour to master
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Here’s what you’ll learn:

Grab Attention – there are four techniques I use to grab attention. I reveal each of these four with examples.
Create Intrigue – there are only two ways I use to create intrigue. I reveal both. With the right intrigue you will have people glued to your videos.
Differentiate – do this and all other options the viewer might consider vanish, except one – buying your stuff. There are 3 ways I differentiate, and you’ll get them all!
Set Up The Offer – this is where most marketers lose boatloads of sales, because they don’t do this correctly. I show you a simple way to perform this flawlessly.
Present The Offer – just plug your offer into my flow process and you’ll automatically be putting your product in the best light possible – which will result in more sales.
Take Away The Offer – this last step knocks all the fence sitters off of maybe and into buying territory. You need it. I show you how.So nice! Do let me know what you think:

| oOo ==> Even simple math formula that will allow your video to stream flawlessly — without any interruption — for 99.5% of Internet users – and even for most mobile phone users!
| http://askbling.com/jfvmystic

That about covers it for this moment’…woot!
Hope your day goes peachy…and I’ll be certain

to touch base with you this afternoon
with whatever wootness crosses me desk!

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Fun!


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