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Good morning!

You know something?

18 months ago, I returned to the Internet
marketing world after being hugely kicked in
the teeth.

18 months ago, I wrote:
==> How to Brilliantly Turn Failure into 2012 Money

How To Brilliantly Turn Failure Into Money for 2012 – Pillar

18 months ago! And back then, I was starting products at
97 cents for lead gen….and then would bump them up to
over $5 for affiliates.

18 months. Can you imagine?

What a journey it’s been. I’ll be pulling together
some gifts for you this afternoon; you’ll be able to
see the exact path I walked to emerge to where
I am today. Woot!

In other news, this afternoon….I’m going
grocery shopping! Without a walker! By
myself! WOOHOO! Speaking of walkers,
remember my grand video over at

The day I DRAMATICALLY shed my ego and BOLDLY dared to be laughed

I’m still stoically working my way back to better
health but yep….it’s definitely a long-term project.

Today, expect some headsup from me regarding
masterminds that have helped me achieve what
I have today, some video marketing goodies and more!

And onto today!

Space still available!

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Get in while the gettings good!

Next! Want a zero-cost webinar about
product creation?

If so, today at 2pm, grabbie you this!

==> Unadulterated Product Creation Secrets

I LOVE LOVE this part:

You’re aware you’re only ONE SINGLE PRODUCT
away from a six figure year, right?

I sure am! ๐Ÿ™‚ So yep…get some awesome
product creation goodies there.

Don’t forget yesterdays

During the past few days, I’ve told you
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Note only will you receive these
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Secret #4 – FB Power Hack
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Secret #6 – Don’t Leave!
Secret #7 – Thru The Keyhole
Secret #8 – Commission Guard Dog
Secret #9 – Perfect Positioning
Secret #10 – Invisible Secret Segmenter
Secret #11 – Grapevine Grower
Secret #12 – Seductive Slants
Secret #13 – Bonus Shortcuts
Secret #14 – eMail Stacker
Secret #15 – eMail Megaphone

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but the private FB class and more ensure
YOUR eMail marketing goals will no longer
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You’ve probably been on my list now for
some time….and I would love to pass on
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This promises to be not only a fun learning
experience…but one that gives you comprehensive
guidance on all of your eMail marketing goals.

I promise you, you’ll be learning proven techniques
and ideas that will give you the keys to ramping
up your 2013 income….to places you’ve always
heard of, but never thought you’d reach before.

So if a rock-solid guarantee PLUS the awesome
skills you’ll get…appeals to you….

oOo ==> It will be a grand ride!
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That about covers it for now…woot! And

I’ll be sure to check in with you this afternoon
with whatever goodness crosses me desk.

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Fun!


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