[ OH GOSH PART II! ] Oh gosh part II OH gosh PART II OH GOSH PART II!!!!!


| oOo ==> Special MY List ONLY: Hybrid Connect List Building

| http://awpt.co/69J7K?e=
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Oh my GOSH Part 2!
Oh my GOSH Part 2! Oh my GOSH Part 2!
Oh my GOSH Part 2! Oh my GOSH Part 2! Oh my GOSH Part 2!
Oh my GOSH Part 2! Oh my GOSH Part 2!
Oh my GOSH Part 2!

Remember this morning I had told you about

| oOo ==> Special MY List ONLY: Hybrid Connect List Building

| http://awpt.co/69J7K?e=

and how I was going to get it up and running on
my site?

Well! Two days ago, Dr. Ben Adkins HIGHLY
suggested I simplify my site and streamline it
hugely. And I figggered… if I’m going to add
the Hybrid Connect Plugin, I might as well….
update the site!



Now, its STILL in work-mode mind you, but
OH ME GOSH – just LOOKIE at that optin!
It’s a hover and is now a template for my future

That means…whenever I want to create white
paper optins, I HAVE THE TEMPLATE!

Whenever I want to create special list-only

In other words….

If you’ve been looking for THE optin form

That connects automatically to FB so email addresses
are prebuilt in…

That automatically connects to GoTo Webinar for signups

That makes it (get this) FUN! to build optins…..

Honestly. Get you this. NOW. AND…my list
this weekend gets a discount too!!

ONLY this weekend…ONLY my list.
| oOo ==> Grow your list…FASTER!

| http://awpt.co/69J7K?e=

And onto today!

Brief, pithy and to the point:

Chris Munch *just* released:

| oOo ==> New School Link Building

| http://awpt.co/bKfsB?e=

To wit:

* What Google REALLY wants on your front page

* TOP SEO tips for 2013

* UNTapped SEO Strategies


It’s a VERY quick easy to read report but
jam-packed with superb tips you can
start applying today.

So if you want SEO Goodness from one
of the top masters in it….

| oOo ==> The BEST SEO Service

| http://awpt.co/bKfsB?e=


And here’s the feature list!!

Here’s a feature overview, to give you an idea of just what you get from Hybrid Connect!!
When we say that this is the ultimate WordPress list-building plugin,
we’re not kidding:

* In-Content Opt-In Forms
Easily add an opt-in form to the bottom of your blog posts, or anywhere in your content!
* Sidebar Opt-In Forms
Add any opt-in form to your blog sidebar or any other widget area on your website.
* Lightbox/Popup Forms
Create unblockable popup forms to grab your visitor’s attention and get record opt-in rates.
* Slide-In Opt-In Boxes
Create attention-grabbing forms that slide in from the bottom, side or top of the page or post!
* Squeeze Pages
Create high-converting squeeze pages, as easily as creating any of the other opt-in types!
* Comment List Building
Add an option for your readers to easily opt-in with one click, when they leave a comment.
* Ultimate Form Builder
Use the easiest, fastest and most flexible from builder you’ve ever seen, to create your opt-in boxes.
* Over 30 Stylish Templates
Don’t want to create designs of your own? No problem, just pick one of the available templates!

| oOo ==> Video Optin Forms

| http://awpt.co/69J7K?e=

Easily embed videos in your opt-in boxes, lightboxes, squeeze pages and slide-in forms!
* Split Testing
Create multiple variations of any opt-in form and test them against each other, easy as pie.
* Conversion-Lift
Split-tests automatically eliminate losers and end up showing only the best-converting variation!
* Detailed Stats
Watch your conversions increase and your mailing list grow, on the Hybrid Connect stats screen.
* Facebook Connect
Use Facebook Connect signups and get verified, valuable email addresses from your visitors!
* Facebook Hybrid
Increase conversions by showing Facebook signup buttons only when relevant.
* Opt-In Form on Facebook
Add an opt-in form to a custom tab of your Facebook fan page, to grow your list with social traffic.
* Autoresponders
If your autoresponder creates HTML forms, it’s compatible with Hybrid Connect. Simple as that.
* Works With Every Browser
Works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE and mobile, so you never lose a lead!
* Fully Responsive Forms
Create responsive forms at the click of a button, to keep your website mobile-friendly.
* Forms on Different Pages
Easily display different opt-in forms by category or on individual pages.
* Traffic Tracker
Automatically keep track of where your subscribers came from and find valuable traffic sources!
* Advanced Custom Tracking
Append a simple tracking parameter to any links in reports, emails, solo-ads, paid traffic.

| oOo ==> GoTo Webinar Integration

| http://awpt.co/69J7K?e=

Sign your visitors up to a GoToWebinar event and any mailing list at the same time!
* Unlimited Everything
Add unlimited forms, connect them to unlimited mailing lists, create any design you want.
* Easy to Use
Hybrid Connect is loaded with features, but everything is still easy to use and highly intuitive!
* High Conversions
Great looking forms that are mobile-friendly and browser-compatible
plus easy, automated split-testing mean one thing: better conversions
with Hybrid Connect than with anything else!
* Full Support
With an easy user-interface with built-in help elements, detailed
tutorial videos and instructions and a dedicated helpdesk, we’ve got
your back!

So if you want what I bought myself:

| oOo ==> Special MY List ONLY: Hybrid Connect List Building Plugin!

| http://awpt.co/69J7K?e=

Don’t forget yesterdays:

This just crossed my desk, so I asked for a review
copy, got into the members area and WOW!

ANY members area that comes complete with
FIRST a powerful survey to help you zero in on
your 2013 goals….WOOT!

It had me from *that*.

| oOo ==> Delivers on No List, No Budget, No Product, No Problem!

| http://awpt.co/5J3ls?e=

This is a 5 video, comprehensive how-to blueprint
(we’re talking *real* business, not a silver bullet
that never works) on how to:

1.) Pick a profitable affiliate product

2.) Use ** and ** to drive free traffic

3.) Set up a $197 Workshop

4.) Pitch with close for profit

5.) Scale/rinse/repeat!

Again..the video content is huge, comprehensive
and demystifies EVERYTHING.

My 10 year old could do it!

So if you’re looking for a way to
profit online for 2013…..

| oOo ==> Everything broken down into simple bitesized chunks

| http://awpt.co/5J3ls?e=

What’s that?

You want New Years Resolutions Done For You

Well then!

So it’s 2013 and there’s still time to profit
from the resolution madness!

How, I hear you ponder? (and hearing you
think is quite the acomplishment!)

Why, via:

| oOo ==> Stop Smoking, Lose Weight AND….

| http://awpt.co/DJJKp?e=

And the best thing is…

This includes the Flip Me Clone (so you can
flip and sell the site), AND the Amaz-one
plugin that is currently selling for $97 (yes $97)!

It lets you:

Use different Amazon affiliate ID’s to create different campaigns
Create unlimited campaigns with unlimited products
Browse Node functionality to more closely pull in those products you want to promote
Ability to pull in ONLY products above a certain price point
Ability to choose specific products by ASIN
Choose to publish products as POSTS OR PAGES (WP Amaz-One will even create the new page at the time of campaign creation!)
Automatically create your category for your posts while creating your campaign
When readers click on read more they are taken to a new
Amazon.com browser tab – but they can easily click back to your site to
read and do more shopping!
A uniquifying option – makes your Amazon product descriptions appear unique to the search engines! (PRICELESS!)
Link cloaking – vital for an affiliate site
Amazon product review options to show the reviews on your main
page, just within the post itself, or not at all if that’s how you want
One-click Amazon affiliate ID updating – a real timesaver for site flippers
Are you an affiliate in the UK, Germany, Japan, France or Canada? WP Amaz-One supports all countries!

Thus, if you’d like to get all the above for considerably LESS (Less!)
than $10…..

| oOo ==> DIMESALE so price is rising!

| http://awpt.co/DJJKp?e=


Next, Daycare! PLR!


==> Daycare PLR!

This comes with Lead Gen packs,
Lead Gen Software,
Daycare PLR report,
Daycare CUSTOM VIDEO, more!

And did you see:

Want some killer 2013 tips for your
own particular product creation needs….
at zero cost?

| oOo ==> Learn how to convert at excellent rates even if you don’t know how to write sales copy

| http://askbling.com/jfgoodie

And the best thing is…

The webinar is semi-automated…so you can
take your time in taking notes and really
seeing just *how* 2013 can be *your*
year for product creation.

Thus, if increasing your bottom line that
way…interests *you*…

| oOo ==> Have traffic already built into them before the product is even done!

| http://askbling.com/jfgoodie

That about covers it for this moment’…woot!
Hope your day goes peachy…and I’ll be certain

to check in this afternoon
with whatever wootness crosses me desk!

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Fun!


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